1. boston2512

    Normal BCP/sGPA GPA?

  2. P

    General Admissions & OTCAS Thoughts on application stats and improving for upcoming cycle?

    Hello all! I have been considering a field change for a few years now and have finally come to the conclusion that OT is the best fit for me. I spent undergrad studying psychology and working extensively in a behavioral neuroscience lab, so I am a little bit worried that my stats/experiences...
  3. K

    WAMC? Texas reapplicant trying to guage how to improve

    Hello! I'm plannin on reapplying again this cycle, so I'm trying to improve my record and figure out what I can do if I have to reapply again :/ State/Country of Residence: TX Ties to other States/Regions: N/A URM? (Y/N): N Year in School: 2018-2022 Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s)...
  4. Z

    Will an SMP help me get an M.D. interview in Texas?

    Hello! I am wondering if an SMP would help my chances of getting an MD interview (Texas) I graduated with a 3.51 GPA and entered post-bacc to finish pre-med pre-reqs and got destroyed by ochem 1 with a C-.. that dropped my GPA to 3.47 and I am currently retaking it with a different professor...
  5. A

    Am I on track?

    Hello. Recently had a dramatic mid-life crisis that led me to completely change paths on what I wanted to pursue in the future. Which of course leads me here to the threads for Pre-Optometry. Just wanted to be sure if I'm on track for when I apply and what I could be doing to be more comfortable...
  6. bommer2323

    Letter of Interest

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever sent a LOI pre-interview and gotten a positive response to it. I feel extremely fortunate to have interviewed at a few great schools pre-December so far however I have yet to hear from my IS public school (MI). If anyone has any tips on how to write an...
  7. J

    Applying Optometry School with these stats?

    I had made a previous post about an upcoming OAT and here's how I did: QR 390 RC 350 Bio 340 GenChem 340 OChem 340 Physics 350 TS 350 AA 350 I'm pretty happy with the scores - i've never had more anxiety from an exam and i'm relieved it's over. I'm applying this upcoming cycle and would...
  8. J

    OAT in 1 week, Advice?

    My OAT is in 1 week. I’ve spent probably 4 months studying on top of working full time. Ive taken several practice exams and took the ADA practice exam today. I was hoping to score a LOT better and I’m very discouraged especially with my physics score. Bio/GenChem/Ochem/Physics/RC/QR KAPLAN 1...
  9. M

    Advice for 2021 cycle

    Hey everyone! Just looking for some advice/ input/ personal experience with applying to PA school. I graduated in May 2019 with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with stats that were subpar at best. I’ve always known I wanted to be in medicine but struggled a lot with my science courses...
  10. topwoodsfan27

    Looking for advice

    Hi all- I’m slightly non-traditional. 22yo Caucasian female, LGBT. Long story short, I graduated HS in 2015 and was awarded a Stamps Scholarship to LSU. During my third semester in the Fall of 2016, I was forced to resign for medical reasons. I returned in the spring and completed that semester...
  11. P

    UCR School of Medicine - Questions and Opinions

    Hello! For all those who have applied to UCR's medical school, what was your stats and experience like and if you have any advice to those who are future applicants to this school? I'm from Riverside, California went to Kinder all the way to college in Riverside, my family works in...
  12. N

    AMA: DO Interview/General Pre-Medical Help

    Hey everyone, before anything, @Goro has an extensive guide to medical school interviews and one for DOs as well that you should all check out if you haven’t. I was blessed to receive 9 interview invites from DO schools...I attended 7 of them with 6 acceptances and 1 waitlist even though my...
  13. nah2016

    Texas stats

    Texas residents who've either been invited to interviews or received an acceptance, what were your stats? (doesn't have to be from this cycle)
  14. D

    Gap Year Ideas: Should I do a post-bac/SMP?

    Advice please! I am not applying this cycle; I will be applying next cycle. Undergrad- Tulane University (graduating May 2020) Hometown- Ft. Lauderdale, FL Major- Neuroscience Minor- English cGPA- 3.3... I had an awful semester during the fall of my junior year (first time officially being...
  15. D

    Chances/School List

    Hello SDN community! I’m a middle of the road applicant so will being complete in late August/early Sept decrease my chances in a major way? What schools should I look at? Any help is appreciated!
  16. D

    High school student needing advice/rant

    What was I on? This is me, same person, 2 years later. I got into a really good university, got a great scholarship and finished #5 in my graduating class with a 3.97 GPA. I needed to chill out. Dear god lol. I had no need whatsoever to be so stressed out. This was hilarious reading. I have...
  17. reesetee

    My Stats.. Could use experienced opinions

    Hi everyone, I've been working to get into a DPT program since 2012 with a no luck and could use some opinions. I want to see what you all think good next-steps could be given my situation. Here are my stats: cgpa: 2.98 (for 253 credit hours including a masters program) pgpa: 3.4 (began...
  18. W

    Sophomore looking for advice

  19. T

    Which schools should I apply to?

    Hi Everyone, I've recently have had a tough time deciding what to do with my life.
  20. T

    Which schools should I apply to?

  21. F

    California DPT 2019 acceptances

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone has been accepted or received interviews for these schools in CA: University of st Augustine San Marcos University of the pacific Western university Chapman university USC West Coast university Mount St Mary’s CSU Long Beach If so, what were your stats? Thanks!!!
  22. P

    Step 3 Day 1

    Step 3 Day 1- Day 2 in two days I am looking for someone to either let me know that I am like everyone else or if I did worse than I should have. Mostly looking for how people felt during their experience. To make a long story short...6 blocks. The first 2 blocks were very hard for some...
  23. S

    Successful Applicants Stats - Class of 2023

    Starting it off a bit early, but I know some are starting to hear back so I hope this is okay. Congrats to those who have been accepted, waitlisted, and invited to interview! Please follow previous years formats: Successful Applicants Stats - Class of 2022
  24. S

    What are my chances

    science GPA: 3.68 cumulative GPA: 3.72 MCAT: 491 EC: EMT Basic Certification CPR Certification Volunteer at Office of Services for Students with Disabilties Omircron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society Was President of the Executive Counsil of Honors College for a year Secretary of...
  25. L

    My stats & chances of getting in?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what you guys thought of my stats and perhaps what you think my chances are of getting accepted for my first cycle. I have been feeling a bit discouraged from the few rejections I have received thus far, and any encouragement would help and be greatly appreciated. I...
  26. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Below average stats! Opinions?

    So I am really starting to freak out reading some of the stats on here. Everyone is so impressive, it's making me feel like I have no chance at getting in anywhere. I definitely started all of my experiences/observations way too late and got a super low GRE score. Can someone be honest and give...
  27. N

    Jefferson College of Pharmacy: Did anyone apply?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone applied to Jefferson and got an interview? Also for current students, is it hard to maintain a 3.0 GPA?
  28. P

    Need advice on whether I should apply this cycle

    Hey everyone, So I have a pretty unique situation and I'm really torn between whether I should apply late this cycle or not. During spring semester in my senior year of high school, I was indicted of an academic honor code (cheating) from having a brought practice problem during an exam. I'm...
  29. F

    Hampton University DPT Applicants 2018-2019 Cycle

    Just wanted to start a thread for those applying! Feel free to post your stats!
  30. F

    Emory University Applicants 2018-2019 Cycle!

    Just wanted to get a thread started for those who are applying to Emory! Feel free to list your stats!
  31. R

    What are my chances for UHCO?

    Hello, my current number one school choice is UHCO and I am trying to get into this cycle, but not sure about my stats. My GPA is really low 3.08, but hopefully by the time I graduate it will be almost a 3.2 I just took my OAT scores yesterday and did really well on the science section, but I...
  32. R

    Low GPA what are my chances

    I was wondering if I could get some help listing some schools that I have a possibility entering given my low stats. I am mainly looking at D.O schools at the moment. 3.2 Cum GPA 3.0 Science GPA-(upward trend) MCAT 505 Mexican URM from the Northwest 200 hours of hospice volunteering 50 hours of...
  33. MBPB

    Schools that Emphasize GRE

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on schools to apply to. I was a previous engineering major and kind of overloaded myself on prereqs early on and screwed up my GPA a bit. My current stats are: Bachelor of Science in Kinesio - Emphasis in Pre-PT from San Diego State...
  34. Aristocratic

    About to be a Junior. Application is currently very weak. How to make my App as strong as possible?

    My Current Stats Shadowing - 40 Hours GPA - 3.51 Science GPA - 3.2 Pre-Requisites (So far) English 1 English 2 Bio 1 Bio 2 Extracurriculars Clinical Volunteering - 0 Hours Volunteering - 10 Hours AAMC Summer Health Professions Education Program (Currently enrolled in) Research 0 Hours...
  35. P

    Re-applicant seeking advice

    Hello! I applied to MD/DO schools for the 2018-2019 cycle and only received one interview, no acceptances. I'm going to reapply and am seeking advice on strengthening my application. Here are my stats: GPA: 3.6 cum, 3.45 science MCAT: 510 Volunteering: 100 hours hospital volunteering, week long...
  36. O

    Medical Schools with Emphasis on Last 32-60 Credits

  37. 9

    Evaluate my School List, GPA, and ECs

    Hello everyone, This is my first SDN post and I am super excited! My MCAT is in a few days and I just wanted to get some other people's opinions on my stats and the list of schools I am intending to apply to: GPA: 3.95 (One non A class in Calc II) EC: -->90 hours ER volunteering --> 50 hours...
  38. wolfnscale

    Atlantic Bridge- "Official" What are my chances? (And advice) Thread

    (Not sure if this thread will take, but here's to hoping it catches on and becomes official!) Since applying through AB and being accepted to NUIG, I've seen several students looking for advice and more information on what the chances are of them getting accepted to Irish medical schools. It...
  39. D

    Accepted students and pre-pharm students, What are your stats?

    To all accepted pharmacy students and students who are planning to go into pharmacy, what are your GPA, PCAT score, extracurricular activities, pharmacy experiences, leadership experience, etc? It would be great to know the general stats of all fellow pre-pharm students and accepted students so...
  40. A

    Odds of getting into a good PBPM program?

    Hey all, Looking into several Post Bacc programs (Goucher, U Penn, UVA, GW, Georgetown, Wash U, etc.). My stats are the following: 3.55 overall GPA, 4.0 sGPA (but have only taken two sciences classes), undergrad degree is in Spanish (also studied Arabic), lots of international travel (have...