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May 28, 2008
Hey guys, I am trying to decide which school I want to attend for next fall and I wanted to ask you if you can give me any feedback/comment/comparison on any of these schools. I've gotten into Harvard and UCLA but still am waiting on UCSF. Especially if you're attending the school now, please let me know how it's been for you at your school.
I am from California, and I am not set on specializing although very much open to it. Thank you.


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Jul 10, 2007
All 3 are good research and P/F schools so their curriculum should be very similar. You should pick UCSF if live in northern CA and UCLA if you live in southern CA. My UCLA classmate dropped out of Harvard after his 1st year…he reapplied and got accepted to UCLA the following year. I also have a couple of my classmates who told me that they picked UCLA over Harvard.

According to my sister who is an UCSF alumnus, it is easier to find patients in SF area. You have harder times finding patients to fulfill your clinical requirements at UCLA. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students at UCLA have to share the same pool of patients. A lot of my UCLA classmates had hard times fulfilling their Removable prosth requirement (the most difficult case to find is the immediate denture case) …I had to help the patients to pay for a couple of procedures so I could graduate on time. Even with all these problems, I think I got a very good deal at UCLA: nice city, nice weather, low tuition, no competitiong because of P/F, lots of great instructors, and a chance to specialize.
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Oct 18, 2001
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I like UCSF, not because I went there, but because I think I got a good deal for what I paid for. You will get a very solid foundation of prosthodontics at UCSF. Should you ever change your mind and want to specialize, UCSF prepares you well for that with P/F, and research opportunities is end less. I learned so many great cases of removable at UCSF and had no problems finished my requirements. I even had extra things done too so it was a very positive experience. Now, students at ucsf even restore implants in the student clinic & have extra implant sessions at night so it's even better. Life in SF is so much fun. Can be foggy & cold in the summer, but it was all in all a very positive experience.
Also, since UCSF has been around for >125 yrs, you will have so many alumni, friends along the way when you graduate & work, go to CE, etc...all over the place in California. They are great source of info.


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Jan 1, 2009
I just graduated from HSDM and would highly recommend going there. If you are open to specializing, this is the place to go. You can get into anywhere you want. And if you want to do general dentistry, HSDM prepares you well as well. People tend to think of HSDM as a research only or specialty only school, but it's not true. A few of my classmates went out for private practice and they all told me that they are very comfortable doing it. If you compare the clinical requirements of all three schools, and you will realize how much more you need to do to graduate. An advantage of being in HSDM is that there are only 35 sdudents per year and you will have no problem getting cases you want. True we start our clinic year a lot later than the other schools, but hey, the fact is, there is a reason that they only accept 35 students per year, only the best get in. It's an education of a life time. It opens doors. Take it when you have a chance.
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