Has anyone been rejected by SLU post-interview?

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Jan 31, 2004
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From the forums I have read, it seems that everyone who interviews with the school is eith accepted or placed on the waitlist. Has anyone received a post-interview rejection from SLU?

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Not me. :) From what my interviewer told me, they have a hard time retaining people who get accepted to their states schools. What's funny is that she's right--if I get accepted to my state school, I'll go there, otherwise I'll probably go to SLU.
I was lucky enough to be granted that honor. It was my first interview and I was crazy-nervous! :(
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I agree that I haven't heard of many people being rejected post-interview since so many people turn down SLU. I personally don't see SLU as such a great school that I would pay $50K+ a year to attend when my state school (USF) is a quality place already. If it was Harvard, yes, but SLU no. Don't get me wrong, SLU seemed like a good school but it's just not worth the price tag.
not me, it's alternate list hell for me at slu too. what's up with keeping the rankings on the alt list confidential?!
Everything changes when med school is being paid for by others. Sometimes the military option doesn't seem so bad.