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  1. K

    Need some advice on my post bacc. Withdrawl? P/F? Tough it out?

    Currently finishing up my DIY post-bacc at my local state college, I have a 3.8 postbacc GPA currently. However, this term has been kind of a ****show since my dad was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. He’s been in and out of the hospital and it’s been overall hard for my family and I. The...
  2. S

    CO school for reinvention postbacc

    Need some help deciding on a school to postbac at. I'm in the serious reinvention category with a 2.86 undergrad gpa with a few Ds and Cs in my med school prereqs, so I am looking to retake those classes and then add on a bunch of upper level science classes to bump up my stats and show a strong...
  3. S

    WAMC and Post Bac advice

    Hi all, I’m in the process of reinvention and could seriously use some advice or perspective on my path forward. graduated spring 2021 from UCONN (CT resident) with a psych BA and a 2.86 (this was after getting a 1.87 and 2.14 my freshman semesters) I got mostly Bs, Cs and 2 Ds in the science...
  4. H

    Would DIY Post-bacc be good enough?

    Hello everyone, I have already read multiple posts about a formal post-bacc vs SMP programs and I believe that a DIY post-bacc would be better for me, as I have already completed all of the prereqs and I currently have an upward trend in GPA. Also, finances are a concern to me, so I was...
  5. D

    Any suggestions on what to do if it’s too late to take premed and also can’t afford post-bacc?

    I am senior, I was planning to on delaying graduation to Spring 2023 to take pre-medicine classes for medical school. My university had said that I would qualify for federal aid still since I didn’t use all 150% of aids but I recently found out I was misinformed by the financial aid office. So...
  6. A

    Loras College Post Baccalaureate College Question

    Hi all, I’m planning on doing the post-bacc at Loras College but ACT or SAT is one of the admission factor, mine was really low, will it hurt my application? My undergrad GPA and involvements such as research, volunteer, leadership position in organizations are well set. I’m just worried that my...
  7. D

    Georgetown GEMS 2022-2023

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to start a thread for this year's applicants. Has anyone applied ?
  8. R

    Is Agnes College post bacc good?

    Did anyone attend Agnes Scott post-bacc program? Please share your thoughts on this college's program
  9. 1

    Dominican University Bachelors of Medical Science Postbacc

    I am considering Dominican University's (Illinois) Bachelors of Medical Science for my postbacc program. I'm having trouble finding information about the program and was wondering if anyone has either been through the program or knows anything about the program. I struggled a lot in undergrad...
  10. S

    How is DIY postbac GPA calculated/entered on applications?

    I figure if you were to do a SMP or some sort of "official" program, there would be a separate GPA and possibly a place to enter that GPA on applications (I could be wrong). But if I am just taking classes, would my "postbac" GPA be combined with my undergrad GPA for a cumulative, or would there...
  11. A

    WAMC Low GPA Canadian Non-Trad Applicant for US Schools (Post-Bacc)

    TL;DR What are my chances: UG GPA: 2.93 Post-Bacc: 4.0 oGPA: 3.22 (3.36 if I wait an extra yr) DAT: 27 AA Hi everyone, I'm feeling a little hopeless right now and after looking through multiple threads and not finding anybody in a similar situation to mine, I decided to make this post to see...
  12. D

    Rosalind Franklin University Pre-matriculation program 2021-2022

    Has anyone applied to this program ?
  13. F

    Advice on Pre-Med Path please

    I'm a 24yo single guy who is heavily looking at a career shift to medicine. Growing up I always marveled at the career, but due to some personal issues, I struggled with finding the confidence to believe I could do it. I entered a nursing program out of high school and by the halfway point I had...
  14. W

    Post Bac

    Posting this in case anyone is ever interested in applying to post bac programs or in the midst of the application process and has questions. Feel free to DM me even if it’s years after this is posted. Interviewed and got accepted at UVA, Bryn Mawr, and Goucher in the 2020-2021 admissions cycle...
  15. J

    Should I go for post baccalaureate to raise GPA?

    Currently in CC, almost finished with final three courses, expecting final CC cGPA to be 3.4, liberal arts major, completed no medical school prereqs besides maybe English (which was my goal since I found that some medical schools look down upon prereqs taken at CCs). Starting at CUNY Hunter...
  16. H

    1 vs 2 year Post Bac Program Advice

    Hi there! I am currently a senior in college and have taken a few science courses (Chem I, Cell Bio, Genetics, and Physics I) but still have to complete the remaining courses so as to apply to medical school. I applied to Thomas Jefferson post bacc program (P4) and got accepted! I had applied to...
  17. S

    Should I Quit Job to Continue Pursuing Pre-Med?

    Hello everyone, I’ve had this question in my mind for the longest time and haven’t found anyone else/other ways to solve my dilemma. I’ve graduated with a bachelors in Healthcare Administration and I’ve worked in numerous positions in the healthcare field (mostly admn stuff, but a lot of...
  18. S

    Can you use VR+E to pay for post bac coursework?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently active duty and working on a plan to go to medical school after I get out. My ETS is May 2023. As of now, I'm not sure if I will stay in or not; if I do, I'd be in for another 4 years doing a software development program. I only recently learned about VR&E and I'm...
  19. J

    MD Should I take part in grade enhancement?

    Hey guys! I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to know whether I should look to take part in some sort of enhancement in order to be competitive for MD schools. cGPA: 3.59 BCMP: 3.29 I’ve been told that my cumulative gpa is fine but a science gpa under 3.4 is considered low and combined with...
  20. G

    Nontrad Prerequisites

    I'm a nontraditional student (finished both undergrad and my MPH at UC Berkeley, currently working in health tech), and I'm currently working to take post-bacc prereqs (ones I haven't taken before...they're not for academic enhancement purposes). I have to take a year of gen chem, a year of o...
  21. S

    Post-Bac Linkage Agreements

  22. N

    Completing a master’s during gap year(s)?

    I am currently taking medical school prerequisites as a part of a DIY post-bacc, however I am taking only one course per year so far (because the classes I want to take concurrently require the classes I am currently taking as a prereq) which obviously is a pretty low course load. I am in Canada...
  23. N

    Getting a B in a post-bacc

    Hello, My annual GPAs from my undergrad are the following- 1st year: 1.95 (only took 6 classes in total) 2nd year: 3.35 3rd year: 3.94 4th year: 4.0 Cumulative GPA: 3.27. Right now I’m doing a postbacc where I am just taking medical prerequisites, except for bio which I already took. I am...
  24. varinia_007

    Will a good MCAT score help my post-bacc applications?

    Hi everyone, I'm a current senior finishing my undergrad in neuroscience with a 2.9 GPA. Outside of my academics, I volunteer in local hospitals as a patient ambassador/greeter (over 250 hours so far), I write for the newspaper (mainly science and art-related articles), and I like to take online...
  25. SimplyA

    Geisinger Post Bacc Program

    Hi everyone , Is anyone currently enrolled or has completed the Post Bacc program at Geisinger commonwealth school of medicine? I am interested in applying to the program , and just wanted some feedback in regards to the overall program. Thank you
  26. A

    DIY post bacc help!

    Hey guys so I have some question about my situation and DIY post bacc. Graduated from a T10 with a 3.34 cumulative gpa and 3.01 BCPM gpa. I am looking to do a DIY post bacc this year for gpa repair. Decided to do a DIY post bacc taking upper level science courses at a local SUNY state school...
  27. D

    UNT SMP Online

    Hey everyone, I decided to apply to the online UNT SMP and wanted to find out more about it. I couldn't find anything online since it's such a new program but some things I was wondering were: 1) How organized was the program? (I assume since it was the first year there would be some problems)...
  28. S

    Post Bacc GPAs of acceptance??

    Hello! I am an undergraduate student at Emory University interested in applying to post bacc programs.. I am only interested in one year programs that have linkages available. Some of these programs include: -Goucher -Bryn Mawr -Tufts -Northwestern -UVA -Scripps -GW or Georgetown (if they...
  29. AsILayFaulkner_8

    Looking to pursue an SMP for reinvention and found one for FREE (ish) at a medical school?

    Hello all! Looking for advice in pursuing an SMP for reinvention. I found a program that is practically free, offered at a pretty good medical school, and seems pretty interesting. It is an MS in Pathology and says it offers courses with the same rigour as medical school in the program...
  30. N

    Harvard Extension School

    Hi Has anyone applied to the premedical program at Harvard Extension School or completed the program that I can talk to about? Thank you!
  31. N

    Dental to PA

    I am trying to make the transition from dental to PA, and would like to know if there are any post-bacc programs that will accept any undergraduate GPA below a 2.7 and graduate GPA of 2.9 I know my GPAs are very low, but I would like to find out if there’s a program that will look holistically...
  32. N

    Please help..Low uGPA and SMP GPA

    I posted a former discussion about my issue with raising my graduate GPA a while back, but now that I have completed the program, I would like to ask for anyone’s honest opinion/help about my current situation. To get straight to the point, I have an undergraduate GPA of 2.7 and finished an SMP...
  33. P

    Non-trad student looking towards Post-bac and beyond.

    Hi there! I'm new to SDN but was recommended to post on here by a friend. As the title states, I'm a Non-trad student looking to apply to post-bac programs with hopes of becoming an MD one day. To give some context on my situation, I started school in the Fall of 16' as an education major...
  34. LugubriousAlchemist

    Post-bacc game plan critique - Active Duty overseas

    Hello all, I am an Active Duty Air Force Officer that, due to stats, need to reinvent himself. Currently have a 3.1 cGPA, 2.8 sGPA. The problem though is that I am currently stationed in Germany, and the in-person options available for classes from my searches are lacking in the science...
  35. A

    Which program should I choose to help my app? Baylor Post-bacc vs Arkansas MSB?

    Hey guys, I'm applying to these two programs and idk which is better and/or best for me. Some brief background, I have a cGPA and sGPA of 3.0 as a bio major, with my last 60 hours being ~3.7 and last 2 years ~ 3.5 of mostly upper level hard sciences, MCAT 500, I have published 1 lit review, have...
  36. F

    how to excel in post bac

    hi! this is already my second post here but i just wanted insight on how to excel in a diy post bac + how to set up my own curriculum. im going to have to take all my pre reqs (i only got a C and a D in the two I’ve taken), and maybe a few upper level courses. i read Goro’s guide which really...
  37. F

    where to begin (with post-bac + gen. advice)

    hi - i have posted this on reddit before, but some people directed me to post on sdn for better advice! i am a rising senior with a poor gpa that has been on the rise. i was the victim of a crime my freshman year and wasnt able to receive accommodations from my school and instead of taking a...
  38. dinucleotidecarl

    Could I benefit from doing a DIY post-bacc this summer for this cycle?

    Hi everyone. This is a long one, so there's a TL;DR below. I graduated college in 2017 and have worked in both health care (scribe/scribe trainer, CMA) and elsewhere (Fulbright, teaching abroad) since graduation. Texas resident. I took all my prereqs in college and got a Pre-Health Professions...
  39. F

    Pre-med Post-Bac Application Question

    Hello all you informed pre-med/med people! I am a current junior in college (basically a senior since the year is practically over) and I am a film student who has made the ultimate decision to become a physician! I'm not going to use this space to give you my reasons why/how/etc but I was...
  40. S

    Active duty military DIY postbacc

    I am a nontraditional student looking for guidance on my DIY postbacc and overall plan. Background: Graduated from college (I went to an Ivy--not sure if this matters as far as grade inflation or anything) several years ago with a BA in History and a 3.61 cGPA and 3.28 sGPA, currently an active...