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  1. F

    Pre-med Post-Bac Application Question

    Hello all you informed pre-med/med people! I am a current junior in college (basically a senior since the year is practically over) and I am a film student who has made the ultimate decision to become a physician! I'm not going to use this space to give you my reasons why/how/etc but I was...
  2. S

    Active duty military DIY postbacc

    I am a nontraditional student looking for guidance on my DIY postbacc and overall plan. Background: Graduated from college (I went to an Ivy--not sure if this matters as far as grade inflation or anything) several years ago with a BA in History and a 3.61 cGPA and 3.28 sGPA, currently an active...
  3. A

    BU MAMS vs. Tufts MBS

    Hi all, I was recently accepted to Tufts MBS and BU MAMS - which i'm so grateful for - but i'm having a hard time deciding between the two. Their structures are very similar: year 1 is all classes that are similar to the schools respective MS1 curriculum, and year 2 is an unstructured thesis...
  4. M

    Lost and Confused: WAMC

    Hi, I'm really sorry if this is redundant. I tried looking for similar questions but didn't see any. I am crazy worried because I've been told there's no hope for me going to med school and I wanted opinions. I wanted to apply med school this year but now am debating between post-bacc and SMPs...
  5. T

    Suny Upstate Linkage Program Vs Ponce

    I have a friend who has been accepted to Ponce Medical School and the Suny Upstate linkage program (1 year MPH degree with conditional acceptance to SUNY Upstate medical). Unsure which one they would be better off choosing. Turning to the SDN community for your help! Thanks in advance
  6. jyy3gx

    DIY post bacc at 4 year college as non degree seeking student vs UC Berkeley Extension

    Hello, is there anyone here who has done a DIY post bacc through UCBx? I just have to take a few pre reqs right now, and I am trying to decide to do them either at a local 4 year college as a non degree seeking student or at UCBx. I am worried that I won't be able to get into the classes that I...
  7. P


  8. andrewfalkenpk

    Master's before DPT?

    Hi Everyone, After graduating from my undergraduate college, I have been grinding non-stop to improve my GPA and wanted to know what else there is I can do to stand out. I have been doing my own dual post-bac program at the local community college and local CSU in my hometown to improve my GPA...
  9. jyy3gx

    Post bacc programs for "In-betweeners"?

    Hello I am an "ex-premed" who did premed and computer engineering until my 2nd year and now after graduating want to go back and prepare for med school. After some days of research, I have found out that most schools only have career-changers or career-enhancers programs, and I couldn't find...
  10. jyy3gx

    Best Choice for a "Ex-Premed" Recent Computer Engineering Graduate

    Hello, I am a "ex-premed", who majored in Computer Engineering. I graduated last year (class of 2020) and have been working as an engineer/research assistant at a national research institute. I recently decided that engineering really isn't the way for me and want to go back and prepare for...
  11. P

    Bryn Mawr Waitlist

    I was waitlisted for Bryn Mawr’s post-bac program. Does anyone know if there is any possibility of moving from waitlist for this year to deferred acceptance for 2022?
  12. P

    Scripps interview disaster help

    Hi! Asking for advice. I had an interview with Scripps and I completely choked, I performed very poorly and did not adequately express myself, fumbled multiple times, rambled on questions and didn’t say what I had wanted to convey. I let my nerves get the best of me and it was a trainwreck. I...
  13. P

    Scripps interview disaster

    Hi! Asking for advice. I had an interview with Scripps and I completely choked, I performed very poorly and did not adequately express myself, fumbled multiple times, rambled on questions and didn’t say what I had wanted to convey. I let my nerves get the best of me and it was a trainwreck. I...
  14. areal pigcat

    IS it better to do a certificate post bacc program or a master degree post bacc program?

    Hello friends, I am interested in post bacc program, but there are two types of them. I am so confused. Are they the same? Can someone share their experiences? How many POST BACC programs should I apply for?
  15. samrj521

    Too late for Goucher??

    Hi everyone! Congrats to you all who have already been accepted and made your decisions. I'm wondering if you folks think I have a chance at getting a spot at Goucher this late in the game. I didn't fully decide I wanted to do a post bac until December/January, and even then I was focused much...
  16. AccountingtoMD

    Northwestern University (NU/NWU) Post Bacc Pre-Medical Application Process Information/AMA

    When I started looking for Post Baccalaureate Programs there was stark lack of information on the programs I was interested in. Hopefully this post can help someone. I only applied to one school, Northwestern University, because it was my favorite of the Post Baccs I researched. It has very...
  17. M

    Is it helpful to do NIH IRTA program with low sGPA?

    Hello! Just seeking some advice about plans I should do for my gap year(s) to increase my chances for acceptance into medical school. So here’s the thing, I have a low science GPA (3.0-3.1, depending on MD/DO calculations) and have not taken my MCAT yet (I am a senior for reference). I know that...
  18. F

    Problem with coursework, Please help!

    I've read the fine print in the acceptance letter and it says that the offer is contingent on the fact that I have completed my coursework/programs listed in my application. I am depending on my acceptance to the program. Will the fact that I withdrew from the program be a problem? The course...
  19. L

    Post-Bacc Career Changers 2021-2022 Individual Schools

    Has anyone applied to the following schools and heard anything for career changers? (Temple BCHS, UPenn, Drexel (Part-Time), Lasalle, Jefferson, Columbia, American University (D.C), or Georgetown? Also, I have submitted my applications but have yet to receive an email confirmation that they...
  20. C

    Non Trad Low GPA Higher MCAT CA

    Hey guys, I'm a nontraditional 28 yo applicant, graduated class 2014 with biological sciences degree. Here are my stats: MCAT: 517 undergrad cGPA: 3.09 (including the postbacc "undergrad" courses) 2.92 (if I didn't include the postbacc) undergrad sGPA: 2.87 (including the postbacc "undergrad"...
  21. R

    Post-Bacc | Johnson & Wales vs Avila University

    Hey Everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about these programs. I just got accepted to both and wanted to know what everyone thought!
  22. K

    Gap Year Help

    Hello. I am a Food and Nutritional Science student with one semester left looking to apply to dental school in the future. My cGPA is a 3.12 and my sGPA is about a 2.83. With that being said I know that I need some sort of record-enhancing program to make my gpa more competitive. However, I...
  23. bananabag

    Post Bac CAS CV/Resume vs. Experiences

    Hi all! I'm current applying to post baccalaureate pre-med programs on the Postbac CAS and I have a question about experiences and our CV/Resume. I understand we're required to fill our the experiences and upload a CV/resume. I, however, don't quite understand the difference. Is it acceptable...
  24. S

    Advice on post-bac application | cGPA 3.8, sGPA 3.6 | Clinical Research Background |

    I would really appreciate some advice on applying to post bacs. After working in clinical research a few years, I decided in Aug 2020 to apply to post bacs and pursue med school. I have applied to 2 programs - Scripps and Goucher - and am working on the essays for Bryn Mawr, Johns Hopkins, and...
  25. DoctoOcto

    Getting worried that my reinvention postbacc is 60%+ remote learning

    I've so far completed 42 units of my reinvention postbacc that I started in Fall 2019, and maintained a 4.0. I still have ~30 units to go (still have prereqs left). Thing is, only ~25 units have been in-person, and the rest will most likely be through remote learning. I've read that grades...
  26. twixmoments

    Tech Worker - Do I have any shot at the career-changer post-baccs? (Bryn Mawr, Agnes Scott, etc.)

    Without going too much into detail, after a recent traumatizing experience with a loved one regarding his mental health and health as a whole, I've grown really interested in becoming a Psychiatrist. Actually really confident that I have a pretty powerful story to tell when I apply. I was...
  27. A

    Very Grateful for Insights + Thoughts on Post Bac Choices

    Hi all, I'm a career changer (lawyer) heading to a post-bac. I last attended class fifteen years ago when I did a DIY post-bac at a local a community college right after law school. I have recently applied to a few official post-bac programs and would greatly appreciate any insight...
  28. Caseymurph

    USC Postbacc - application on hold

    Hi everyone, I applied to USCs post bacc program for the spring 2021 term. About a week after my interview, the admissions team informed me that they want to put my application on hold for the spring term as they would like to see me take a chemistry course and upper level math course at a...
  29. B

    Post-Bac 2021-2022 Admissions

    Hi everyone! I don’t see a thread like this anywhere so I figured I’d start one. How is everyone’s application cycle going for next year’s post Bac cycle? I applied to UVA, Goucher, Bryn-Mawr and Loras. So far I’ve got interviews at UVA and Goucher, plus an acceptance at Loras.
  30. Caseymurph

    USC post-bacc program - is my GRE score high enough to get accepted?

    I’m going to apply to USC’s post-bacc program designed for career changers and one of their requirements is a standardized test score. I took the GRE and did not do well on it… I got a 152 in Verbal and 148 in quant. I’m considering taking it again (really don’t want to) but if it looks like I...
  31. Bucks'n'Ducks

    Recently Charged With An OWVI. Should I even bother with a post bacc

    Hello all, The title kind of says it all. I have recently been convicted of an OWVI (operating while visually impaired, like a DUI but your BAC is less than 0.08 but greater than 0 but the officer feels you are still not able to drive a vehicle safely, still a misdemeanor here in MI). The quick...
  32. L

    NYMC graduate school of basic medical sciences (traditional)

    Hi! I'm currently applying to NYMC's grad school (trad basic medical sciences). I've been doing a bit of research about the school but am still a bit unsure about the stats they accept and their acceptance rate in general. I know the accelerated program only accepts 15-25 students. Would anyone...
  33. Tea Leaf

    3 days to decide, please help!

  34. nicolek817

    Which GPA is more important: undergrad vs. post bacc?

    Hi! I graduated (Johns Hopkins) with a cGPA of 3.42 after only taking 2 premed classes. I had an upward trend, my last 3 semesters being 3.87, 3.93, and 4.0. I ended up doing a formal postbacc (USC) of 30 credits (Bio, O Chem 2 semesters, Gen chem 1 semester, Physics 2 semesters, Biochem 1...
  35. DoctoOcto

    Chance that Fall 2020, Winter 2021, and Spring 2021 Might ALL Be Online - Keep Taking Classes (Post-Bacc)?

    Word on the street is that there is a not-insignificant chance that classes for Fall 2020, Winter 2021, and Spring 2021 might all be online for UCLA and UCLA Extension. Summer and Fall 2020 is already online. This means that I may have to take Organic Chem 1+2, Physics 1+2, AND biochem all...
  36. DoctoOcto

    Should I take upper div. genetics, or another biochem course?

    I'm looking for stuff to take next academic year, and my current finances and lack of work during COVID-19 means that I need to choose between an upper division genetics course, or an additional biochem course (metabolism). I've completed a year of general bio, and the genetics included in that...
  37. JustFlossy

    ~* List of Post-Bacc/Masters Programs (EXCEL SHEET) *~

    Hey everyone! I took some time to throw together all of the pre-dental post-bacc/Masters programs I could find on one organized spreadsheet. It's divided into 3 sections: career changers, academic enhancers, and underrepresented/disadvantaged student-centered. Of course, I might have left a few...
  38. PreMedKia

    Hampton University Masters of Medical Science 2020

    Hello All! I decided to create this thread because I have not seen one for this year's round of applicants and candidates. This thread can be used for all of us to interact with those who are interested in applying, have applied, are waiting to be accepted, or are accepted to the program. I was...
  39. StephN

    University of Vermont VS Scripps College post-bacc

    Hey everyone, has anyone on here completed the post-bacc program at UVM?? I have read up a good bit on Scripps but haven’t heard a whole ton on UVM. I only have 5 more days before I have to make a decision and I’m trying to decide between holding out for Scripps or just going for my second...
  40. P

    Gap Year Decision! SMP? Research?

    I graduated from undergrad this May, and I will be applying to medical school next summer. I am taking my MCAT this August and so far I've been averaging around 510. I am at a huge crossroads on what to do this next year. I graduated from a top 30 college with 3.59 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA with good...