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Aug 28, 2002
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Hey people!

This is the story - Step 1 score in the 70s and step 2 score in the early 80s (both 1st attempts), am a U.S. Permenent resident, FMG from India - finished med school 2 years back, have done observership/research work in the U.S. and have good letters of recommendation from U.S. doctors.
HAVE TO, HAVE TO get into an Int Medicine residency program in 2003........preferably in the NY, NJ, PA area. Qs are:

a) What are my chances of getting in?
b) Which are good places to apply for a person with my background?
c) What have been the trends over the past year or two regarding FMGs getting into residency programs?

Any help will be highly appreciated...Thank you!



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Jan 29, 2002
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In general, your chance is ok. Consider that 1. there are a lot of NRMP-approved internal medicine spots open and there are some that goes unfilled, I would say your chance of getting one is ok. HOwever, your step 1 score (which a lot of residency programs look at) is rather low considering you are a FMG. If you are a US med school grad with your numbers you could be all but sure of landing a place. But in your situation, I would apply across the board. Look especially hard on places that have unmatched spots from last year.
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