Apr 12, 2010
hi !
pharmacy that doesnot sound great to me before but when i knew about pharmd i become more interested and want my career in this field.i went through this forum and came to know this can help me alot and have much hope also. i am an international student.i have already completed my three years' bachelor degree in microbiology and doing masters in medical microbiology and hope to complete this year.i have a two years experience working in a hospital as a lab technician.i have gone through most of the college web sites but they share different prerequisites....i am little bit confused.i did take two english classes,one math (calculus)and two physics classes after my high school.i think i have taken more than required biology,chemistry,microbiology during my bachelor and masters program.i m currently in usa and planning to take pcat in october 2010 and will also take TOEFL sometimes this year.i would really appreciate if anyone could advise me for admission for fall 2011.any suggestions i would be more happy and greatful.thank u

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Jul 12, 2008
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Is there a certain group of schools you were looking into specifically? In my signature is a link to the AACP's school admissions requirements guide. Look at that and you'll be able to see EXACTLY what subjects each school requires.


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Oct 5, 2009
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Aww, this is me 4 years ago with regard to English skills. Welcome to the forum : )
With your case in mind, I agree with above poster. You need to decide which exact schools you want to apply to. Ideal, in my opinion, the number would be around 4-6 schools. Then, you'd print out a list of prerequisites for all, sit down, compare. If there is a school on your list that requires more than 3-4 courses above what others need, drop that one and choose another. We were all in your shoes, the process is intimidating at first. But by taking small steps at a time, you'll reach your destination. Good luck!