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May 22, 2015
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Hi all! I'm struggling to identify clear pros and cons between UAB and OSU. The programs seem similar, and these are the aspects that I appreciate from both:

  • Evidence-based neuro-optometry clinical practice exposure
  • Similar class sizes around 60 students
  • Prestige of faculty research and opportunities for students to receive mentorship in their desired area of research
  • Practice management/business development classes
    • MBA at UAB
    • Grad Minor at OSU
  • Public health courses and research opportunities (I complete my MPH in August and would like to stay involved in that niche)
  • Generally positive reputations
  • Connection to a large, tier I public research university
  • Student rec center is walking distance from the optometry facilities
  • Located in family-friendly cities with generally good weather (cooler than TX but less windy than NE) in which I can afford to have a backyard for my dogs

I am from GA, so the idea of going to school close to home is great (I went to undergrad in Texas and then the Air Force stationed me in Nebraska...haven't lived near my hometown in 8 years), but honestly OSU is only a 9-hr drive away from my family. After doing undergrad out-of-state and in TX, I'm totally comfortable with 8-10 hr road trips.

Cost is no barrier for me in making this decision since my veteran's benefits will cover at least 60% of my education, and both schools offer veterans in-state tuition.

In case this helps, my current dream job is to be on faculty at a teaching hospital with opportunities to train ophthalmology residents (yes, a long long way into the future...but this is my second career so I'm dreaming big). I'm also hoping to do a residency program and know both programs will prepare me well.

Can any current or prospective students provide further insight into both schools to help me make an informed decision? Quality of life and local area inputs are also appreciated!
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