1. E

    Waterloo Optometry Class of 2026

    Hi guys! Haven't seen anyone create a Class of 2026 Waterloo OD-specific thread so here you go... OAT scores: GPA: Major: ECs: Casper Quartile:
  2. J

    OAT in 1 week, Advice?

    My OAT is in 1 week. I’ve spent probably 4 months studying on top of working full time. Ive taken several practice exams and took the ADA practice exam today. I was hoping to score a LOT better and I’m very discouraged especially with my physics score. Bio/GenChem/Ochem/Physics/RC/QR KAPLAN 1...
  3. E

    Canadian 4th Year looking to apply to Optometry School in US

    Hi guys, kinda nervous to be positing on here but i really need some advice. I'm currently a 4th year Canadian student studying in a science background and I've only recently realized I wanted to pursue optometry so I'm a bit behind compared to most pre-opt people. I had a bit of a difficult...
  4. katedaisytx

    Help choosing b/w OSU and UAB Optometry!!!

    Hi all! I'm struggling to identify clear pros and cons between UAB and OSU. The programs seem similar, and these are the aspects that I appreciate from both: Evidence-based neuro-optometry clinical practice exposure Similar class sizes around 60 students Prestige of faculty research and...
  5. F

    Needing Advice

    Hey everyone! This next semester I’ll be going into my senior year of undergrad. I just wanted to see what y’all thought of my current situation, as I am beginning to stress about the application process! I currently have a 3.3 GPA and if everything goes accordingly I should be able to get that...
  6. D

    Under 3.0 sGPA. Still viable for a good optometry school?

    Hello! From calculating my GPA, I ran into a problem - my sGPA is right under a really high 2.9. To explain this number, the sGPA was raised from a lower level by a massive post-bacc effort, which spanned for years, that consisted of many upper-division science courses with hundreds...
  7. Optohan

    OAT Experience (August, 2020) - Detailed post

    Hi, fellow struggling students! I took my OAT a week ago and I wanted to share my experience with all of you because I found that reading these kinds of posts were really helpful in deciding how to study. I hope some of you struggle a little bit less after reading this post :) Study Schedule I...
  8. M

    USA optometry schools

    Hi guys, I am going to my third year of undergrad this fall. My GPA is 3.5 with the possibility of it going up or down a bit. Initially, I wanted to study I/O Psychology and get a Ph.D. in it. However, it's been a couple of months that I fell in love with optometry and I genuinely enjoy doing...
  9. FutureOptometrist01


    Hey, everybody! Currently a pre-optometry student with two virtual interviews coming up. One is open and the other is closed file. Would love any tips/advice for how to best prepare! Thank you!
  10. j-s


    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knows how interviews for schools will work this year? I've been searching for answers but haven't found anything too helpful...also, Berkeley is doing rolling admissions this year so I was wondering if anyone has heard about how they will be conducting...
  11. j-s

    July 2020 OAT experience - it went well! (detailed post)

    Hello everyone! I took my OAT yesterday and it went well. This community (as well as Reddit) has been tremendously helpful so I wanted to share my experience in case anyone needs it. I, like many people who are applying right now, had my test canceled/pushed back many times. My test was...
  12. F

    Alternate List/ Waitlist Post Interview for MWU AZCOPT Class of 2024

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone else was placed on an alternate list/ waitlist for class of 2024 after interviewing at Midwestern's optometry program in Arizona. -If so, how long did it take for you to come off the list (if you did come off)? -Is it because all the seats filled up for...
  13. O

    SCCO vs. UC Berkeley

    Hi everyone, I just got into both SCCO and UC Berkeley for the class of 2024 :) But I am very torn between the two so any insight would be extremely helpful! SCCO Pros: - can save money on commuting; college is only 15 min away and clinic is even closer at 8 min away - great city/feel...
  14. A


  15. O

    My Interview Experience-NSUCO

    Hi everyone, I was searching for interview threads and I was thinking that threads like "Class of 2024" are really helpful. You just can go there and find much information from different students, and also share your information with others, therefore enriching the body of the thread more and...
  16. D

    Do I retake my OAT? Should I talk to the school?

    Hello, I just graduated from a school and am taking a gap year then going for optometry school. I always knew I wanted to do a gap year, but the last day of the deadline for SUNY and Salus I applied. I got an interview for both just a couple of days after submission. SUNY was my first interview...
  17. A

    OptomCAS Transcript Entry Problem

    When I go to enter classes I am unable to save them after inputting them into the transcript entry. Has anyone else had this problem? OptomCAS online help center has not proved to be helpful. Asking here before having to call the help center
  18. SleepyGene

    Does Optometry school require the extra 'fluff' for applications like med school?

    Currently I am pre-med finishing up my 2nd year of uni and after doing a lot of research into the application process it seems i'm going to have to dedicate quite a bit of time just to fluff my application. From what im reading pre-meds are completing hundreds of volunteer hours, months of...
  19. B

    What are my chances? (low GPA)

    Hi there, Currently applying to optometry school and curious about my chances. Overall GPA: 2.9 Science GPA: 2.61 OAT: 340 AA/ 340 TS I have about 300 hours of optometric work/shadowing experience and 400 hours of volunteer experience. Anyone know if there's even a chance for me to get an...
  20. 6

    Is Math part of the science GPA for optometry?

    Hello I'm a college student that wants to go into the optometry field but I had a question about the science gpa. Is the science gpa just the BCP gpa or does it include math also? I know in many optometry schools they show the average science gpa but I wasn't sure if that included math as well...
  21. J

    Graduate in August, plan to immediately return as non-degree seeking

    So I'm currently an undergraduate senior graduating in summer with two dual degrees in Health Sciences and Economics. I came into college wanting to pursue healthcare, but having incredibly poor confidence when it came to science. Thus, used business as a cushion and pursued an economics degree...
  22. R

    Cheapest Optometry schools for Canadians and Scholarship

    Hi I'm a 4th year Canadian student and I've applied to NECO, ICO, Indiana, and Salus. I've gotten interviews from all schools, and have already attended Salus' interview. I want to know which schools are cheapest for Canadians, and if there is cheaper schools not on my list please list them as...
  23. R

    Cheapest Optometry school for Canadians & Scholarships

    Hi I'm a 4th year Canadian student and I've applied to NECO, ICO, Indiana, and Salus. I've gotten interviews from all schools, and have already attended Salus' interview. I want to know which schools are cheapest for Canadians, and if there is cheaper schools not on my list please list them as...
  24. ElyssaGabrielle

    B.A vs B.S in Biology for Optometry School

    Hello! I recently switched to a B.A in biology due to my hours accumulated in Spanish and because I have interest in taking some business courses and this would allow for it. I currently have a 3.45 GPA and will be taking the OAT this summer and start applying. I was wondering if there's any...
  25. A


    I'm applying for optometry over the summer, so I'm just over here gathering some info about different schools! Just as background info, I'm from Canada and it seems like IAUPR tuition is lower (does anyone know other schools that have reasonable tuition?). A big factor in considering the school...
  26. B

    What are my chances?

    Hey all, kinda hyperventilating over here so I thought I’d bring it to the forum to see if I’m right to be freaking out. I’m currently applying to 10 schools (is that too many..?) and kinda wanna get other ppls options on what my chances might be. Here’s a little background: I just finished my...
  27. Tiff-of-knee

    "Normal" Undergrad vs Pre-optometry Program

    Hello I’m 18 and 1st semester freshman so I’m just learning to college. Optometrist has been my dream job for a year now(I interned/worked at an optometric office junior/senior year and loved it). Rn I’m going for a chem bachelors at UOP (University of the Pacific), but am considering...
  28. C

    Do I even have a chance?

    OptomCAS calculated: cGPA = 2.91 sGPA = 2.66 I just want to know if I even have a chance. I take my OAT on the 20th of this month and I am pretty sure I can get well over 300 if I continue to slave myself for the next week and some change. I have over 2000+ hours of shadowing and working as a...
  29. 1


    Hi guys, I recently took my OAT and needed some advice on what I should do to boost my application because I REALLY REALLY want to go to SCCO (Ketchum). I'm currently a 4th year at uni and do plan on taking one gap year after I graduate to finish up my pre-reqs at a community college. My OAT...
  30. In Easy We Trust

    Interview Specifics

    So I have upcoming interviews at SCO UHCO UIW Western and MIdwestern AZ. I wanted to know if their are any things I should know specific to any of the schools for that process. I already have a pretty good understandings of most of the types of questions to be asked from this board, and I also...
  31. A

    optomcas personal statement question

    hi there!! does anyone know if we can recycle personal statements for each program? kind of a dumb question since (at least for the programs i'm applying to) the personal statement questions are either identical or wording is very similar. is there such a thing like you can't recycle what...
  32. A

    Undergrad degree for optometry

    Hey, I'm second year in an honours physiology degree in Canada, but I'm thinking of switching to psychology (still a science degree) to have more flexibility to take my prerequisites, focus on those and make sure my GPA is competitive (right now overall i'm at a 3.4). Would there be any...
  33. I

    Chances of getting in?

    Hi! I will be applying in a few weeks when the application opens for the 2018-2019 cycle, and just wanted to get some opinions on where I stand. I just finished my third year at OSU with a cumulative GPA of 3.49, and got a 350 (88th percentile) on my OAT. I have approximately 100 hours of...
  34. H

    Chances of getting in this cycle...

    Hello! I am preparing to applying to most east coast schools in July of this year, and i was wondering what schools are reasonable for me to apply to. I took my OAT this past May and received: Academic Average 380 Biology 380 General Chemistry 370 Organic Chemistry 400 Physics 370...
  35. J

    transferring your college a negative to optometry schools?

    I'm about to enter my final year of high school and I am stuck on where I want to go. I am almost certain I want to become an optometrist. At the moment UIC is where I want to spend all four years of undergrad, but I would also like to go to SXU for a year to play soccer. So I am planning on...
  36. D

    Letters of Recommendation HELP !

    Hello everyone, If you guys read my last post, you know I feel insecure and worried about applying to optometry school because I don't have the strongest of grades. I am asking people for letters of recombination, but I am having a tough time. I asked my Developmental Psychology Professor...
  37. L

    SCO - suggestions for apartments on Mud Island/Harbor Town?

    Hey guys! Anyone have experience with apartments on Mud Island? I'll be driving across the country with all my stuff to move here and could use some tips on which complexes are nice to look out for
  38. D

    Will I get into SUNY Optometry?

    I am a junior Neuroscience major. I decided that I wanted to become an optometrist this past fall semester. I went to a community college as a freshman where I took biology and chemistry and starting my sophomore year I began to attend school at a high ranked 4-year university. My overall GPA...
  39. J

    Optometry Prerequisites set in stone?

    Hello, While going to undergrad at Indiana University I had my heart and mind set on only attending IU for optometry school and did not look at any other prerequisites for other schools. This means that I did not take organic lab. I plan on applying early to enter in a school fall of 2019. Here...
  40. W

    GPA for Optometry School

    Hi everyone, I am applying to optometry school this upcoming cycle. As an undergrad, I went to a community college for 3 years before I transferred my four-year (UC) school. I took all of my lower division requirements like biology, chemistry, ochem, physics, and calculus at my community...