Dec 22, 2013
Hello there all! So I need info ASAP on my situation. Basically I have e-submitted my SOPHAS application but like a dummy did not triple check application beforehand and realized that I forgot to add my previous 2 work experiences!! EEEEK! Feeling really stupid right now.

1) What are the chances SOPHAS will let me edit that section?
2) Should I just contact each school/program I am applying to and let them know?

Thank you for your advice!



Jan 2, 2014
Oakland, California
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
I had that issue and the only response I got from SOPHAS was a straight "No." Fortunately, I hadn't reported AP units so they un-submitted it and made me redo it and I was able to edit the other stuff that I needed to. Sorry that's probably not helpful for you, but I would suggest contacting the schools individually if you really want them to see that experience.