Help guys. community college transfer student, unsure about many things.


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Dec 29, 2005
Finished two years of community college in California. Addmitted to UCLA.

Courses I've taken
General CHem
Calc 1,2
LS 2 (biology) taken at ucla

Science GPA 3.2 :( NO c, mostly B's.... overall 3.45

At UCLA, should I major in biology? I don't like it, but hear it will help my chances(?) But it will lower my gpa. Or should I major in something easy like sociology? Will raise my gpa. Bio major will also take a year longer to complete.

Is it ok to go back to community college and take physio, micro, and biochem at the same time i am attending UCLA?

what would u recommend that i do.

BTw, i am inerested in all the schools in Cali. But will go anywhere that take me.


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Jun 16, 2006
I'm a CC kid, too, but I've finished all my pre-reqs. However, if I were you, I would do Chem or Bio degree because those degrees have relevance to Pharm. Of course, if you dont like those subjects, studying them will be freaking hard ...Right now, I'm doing all my pre-reqs for Pharmacy programs and pre-reqs for Bioengineer... ;)


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Jul 8, 2006
Pharmacy Student
hey.. i did that, commute between a CC and ucla, it was sooo much work and i only did it for one class at the CC. people say its frowned upon if u take all your science classes at CC if you could have taken it at ucla. my reason is that i didnt plan to do pharmacy until after i graduated. but i would call a few pharm schools to ask. if you take it at a CC, be sure its a good one, like SMC or El camino. if u did harbor city, its not gonna look good for you.

dont major in bio, if u think u arent gonna do well, its better u majored in something else. it may show you as a well rounded person, not just another bio kid. but if u have a chance to take a upper div class for science and you may do well, take it, they are impressed if you can show u can handle something upper div.
good luck