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May 27, 2011
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hello everyone
i am in my final year of MBBS from india
i hate medical studies and always had an inclination towards physics and maths
got into med school because of parents will

i looked into various career options which involves quantitative studies

these were the 2 careers i could find

i was contemplating MS Biomed eng prog but when i found that i will have to take a number of cross over progs and wont receive any funding for the same i lost interest
to add to my troubles i didn't write my maths exam in 10+2 grade and since calculus is a prerequisite for applying in many technical prog i wont be eligible

another option is to do an MBA and get into finance (since i wanted to do quants ) but the problem is that i am not MBA guy and lack the interpersonal skills

please suggest me as to what i should do i have any other options where i can study quants(maths)..... i dont want to get into research either
please help :(

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