Sep 2, 2015
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I failed comlex 1. Got a 320. Have always been interested in family med. Yes, the score is very bad. I need advice on what to do. I lack a good foundation and feel I need a structured program. Considering USMLE Success Academy, PASS, Kaplan course. I am not taking any risks my second attempt. Does anyone have any advice on these programs or online courses? Or other programs?

First time around I went through FA at least once really really well and 2x or 3x on certain subjects (repro, neuro, micro, renal), some pathoma (but I was not a big fan of this), USMLERx (this was not very helpful in my opinion), DIT, sketchyMicro (loved this for micro). 900 Uworld questions (average 48%), 1200 combank (average 55%), 400 comquest (average 62%), 500 usmleRX (40% because I did these in January and february with not too much studying)
- Took notes in FA book

UWorld was great but I don't think I had the necessary foundation and test taking skills to get the most out of Uworld. When I get a question right, it was because either I knew it or because I guessed. Rarely was I able to think my way through it. This is why I think a structured program would help me tremendously. I feel I need someone to assess my thought process and reasoning.

COMSAE D: 340 (9 weeks out)
COMSAE C: 325 (8 weeks out)
COMSAE E: 320 (7 weeks out)
COMSAE E: 420 (5 weeks out)

Comlex score: 320
- My experience, I don't think I had much issues with timing but I wasn't able to review questions that I marked. At least I was able to finish each question. I felt like there were so many questions I knew 6 or 7 weeks ago but I didn't review enough to remember on test day.

I would like to take the test again on 10/17. Because too much time and I forget stuff I learned in the beginning.

Thanks for your help!


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Aug 6, 2012
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Uh in my opinion you need to do many more test questions than you did.

I believe you are using the right materials, but a lot of it is questions and questions and questions.

I see you say you don't have a strong foundation. So really review the answers and spend time reading and breaking down why the answer is right and why the others are wrong.