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Dec 6, 2017
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So I know it's late in the cycle but I'm currently applying to DO schools and so far I've only applied to 2 schools and actually got an interview at RowanSOM (I'm super happy and ecstatic about that, its such an amazing school) but I wanted to know what other schools I could apply to. I didn't apply to many because I was initially planning on taking a second gap year but then my advisor told me to take a chance and just apply.

I'm from NJ, bio major, and my sGPA is a 3.5, cGPA 3.65, but my MCAT was low, it was a 500 (127/122/127/124). I worked in a molecular immunology lab for 2 years, volunteer at a hospital during my sophomore summer, I was a chemistry and precalc tutor for 3 years, I have my EMT certification, and am currently working as a medical assistant. So any advice? I was thinking about retaking my MCAT incase. Any schools you think I should apply to even though its pretty late?

I also just realized I posted this first on the Pre-medical MD forums instead of DO lol

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