1. Sasha1234

    Pls help me whittle down my DO school list!

    Schools in consideration: LECOM - Bradenton (Don’t like the mandatory attendance + not being allowed to drink water during lecture but it’s in-state.) Nova - Tampa Bay Campus preference (in-state) PCOM South Georgia (Moultrie – if they focus on rural med, would this limit my match options? No...
  2. C

    VCOM-Virginia vs. TouroCOM Middletown

    TouroCOM Middletown Pros Great match rates and board scores Great rotation sites More affiliated hospitals Short distance to NYC Apparently they'll change their curriculum so it's more systems-based Flipped classroom might suit my learning style and help prepare me for boards Cons Graded...
  3. D

    TW: ANTISEMITISM Noorda Com Worries Me Need advice

    I'm trying to decide between 3 schools, waiting to hear back from 2 more. I am deciding between Noordacom, it is closer, I will be closer to family, LECOM, and NYITCOM. I also have some fam in NY. I visited noorda it is a nice school. I liked the people. They have research opportunities. I can...
  4. PapaGuava

    2023-2024 Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (LMU-DCOM)

    Please feel free to tag a pre-medical moderator once the secondary prompt has been posted. Good luck to everyone applying! Interview feedback: https://schools.studentdoctor.net/school/lmudcom/0/lmu-debusk-college-of-osteopathic-medicine
  5. B

    DO Student International Clerkships/Rotations

    Hello, I'm currently an M1 at a DO school and I was wondering if any DO students have successfully applied/completed clerkships in South Korea. Thanks in advance! Fwiw, I'm ethnically Korean and have family near Seoul.
  6. Doctor_Strange

    Plan B to reapply to Gen Cards: external chief resident position or HF fellowship

    Everyone told me they expected me to be a good candidate for at least 10 interviews or so. I only ended up with 3 (1 internal, 1 through a connection). and I am weighing my options for Plan B. I go to a university program in the South, USDO. Steps 243/237, Level 3 pass. No obvious red flags (at...
  7. C

    WAMC Osteopathic Schools? Low MCAT

    Basically, I just got verified through AACOMAS a few days ago. Currently enrolled in a one year SMP (expected 2024). Female NJ resident, non-trad (graduated 2019), technically ORM. cGPA 3.62 sGPA 3.57 MCAT 495→498 (127/123/124/124) (if I have to retake, it's not happening till next summer). I...
  8. Zaboomafu

    Advice for Building Psychiatry Application

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a second year at a state school. I have determined that I want to practice psychiatry and was hoping to get some advice as to best build and tailor my resume. I am plan on taking Step and Comlex. As of now, this is what I have going on: Middle of the class...
  9. A

    VCOM/Bluefield OMABS Winter 2024

    Hi everyone! I just received my acceptance email today for the SMP Bluefield/VCOM D.O. OMABS (Online Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences). I've seen a few other discussions for the On-Campus MABS program and just thought I'd create this in case others are looking for some more updated info on...
  10. W

    DO, low board scores, where to apply?

  11. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Failed Level 2. Should I still apply this cycle after retaking in 4 weeks? What are my odds of matching?

    What the title says. Scored in low 300s. Will need about a 100 point jump in 4 weeks to pass. Is it feasible? Should I apply to the match this cycle? I'm planning on dual applying Peds/FM. What are the odds I'm able to get into a good Midwestern program?
  12. J

    Building a list of programs that interviewed DO applicants!

    Hello everyone, MS4 here! I am applying this cycle for general surgery residency. I am planning to apply broadly, but I thought it would be great to know some places where other DOs have received interview invites from. Would current residents be kind enough to share where you received...
  13. R

    D.O. Students: Research Participation Request!

    Dear Osteopathic Medical Student(s): We are second-year medical students at Kansas City University working on an IRB-approved project that aims to gather information about the abortion educational offerings at medical schools. As part of this project, we would like to request your participation...
  14. M

    Is 200 hours clinical volunteering low?

    I have ~100 hours of hospice volunteering and ~110 hours of free clinic volunteering. But I have around 1300 hours as a paid medical assistant at a family practicel. Would this look bad for adcoms since my clinical volunteering is low?
  15. P

    Medical School Decision Help/Advice Requested

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get advice on a rather particular situation I am in regarding choosing my schools for this cycle. This is my second year applying and I applied to both MD and D.O schools. Although I have not been met with any success for M.D schools, I am grateful to have 2 D.O...
  16. P

    Canadian DO Applicant Are my stats good enough?

    Hey Everyone! I'm a Canadian student with gpa 3.45 (increasing trend) and a 508 mcat with 500 hours of tutoring and DO shadowing. Am I competitive for DO medical schools? Which DO medical schools should I apply to? Please if someone could guide me it would be great.
  17. johnsonthehopeful

    Reapplicant advice/school list assistance

    Hello all. I've used SDN for years, but after an unsuccessful app cycle this year, I've decided to finally ask for some assistance. I only applied to a few schools last cycle, but I thought I would just give it a shot since I had AAMC Fee Assistance. In hindsight, I shouldn't have applied last...
  18. rlewis18

    Did you get a weird phone call from Noorda?

    Hey SDN, I'm writing because I received a call from someone in the admissions office at NOORDA on 2/25/2022 and the person I spoke to was a male, had a monotone voice and informed me that they received my application and that it would be moved onto the admissions committee for review. They said...
  19. L

    TUNCOM vs WVSOM vs LMU-DCOM vs (EVMS - maybe)

    I really need advice. Please help! I have been blessed to be accepted to three osteopathic schools: LMU-DCOM, WVSOM, and TUNCOM. I am waiting to hear back from LECOM. I did my post-bacc at EVMS and was interviewed by them and am on the "mid-tier" of their waitlist right now. EVMS is my top...
  20. Sidus1011

    How to approach pre-clinical years for Psych?

    I'm going to be starting my first year this fall at a D.O. school and just wanted to get a sense of how to approach my interest in psychiatry. I have been working as a guardian advocate at a local mental health facility where I get to see some of the psychotherapy and clinical aspects of psych...
  21. C

    RowanSOM vs PCOM

    Grateful to have both so far but need help deciding. I already have a hunch that Rowan is better for me, but would like some advice. Rowan - IS tuition (NJ Resident, ~41K a year) - Research heavy (especially in neuroscience) which is a must for me, they have a combined DO/PhD program so I know...
  22. S

    Ophthalmology residencies

  23. A

    Best D.O school?

    Alright so I know any DO school that takes you is a good school and at the end of the day you get to practice medicine but what DO schools do you guys think is well reputable and has a good program, in terms of match rates, scores, etc. just curious as to how you guys would rank the schools
  24. R

    Need advice - Psych vs FM vs Peds (DO student post-merger)

    Hey guys, Need thoughts. I only took COMLEX 1 (~600), no step 1. I really loved child psych, peds, and FM rotations. -FM: Love that you can build relationships with adults and kids over time. Don't want to do many procedures or manage HTN and DM all day though...Long hours/exhausting? Some...
  25. N

    What are my chances? (Also, where should I apply)

    Hi all, I'm a 3rd year osteopathic medical student who fell in love with Internal Medicine as a field but did not do so hot on COMLEX 1 and Step 1. COMLEX 1 = 480 Step 1 = 204 I know these are not solid scores, but I want to do IM and ideally in a bigger city. I have no interest in pursuing...
  26. B


    Comparing these schools- what’s a pro / con for either? I’m a Virginia resident who grew up near dc. Interested in emergency medicine.
  27. D

    Picking a clinical rotation site

    I’m in a dilemma between picking a clinical rotation site for 3rd/4th year. I have the option to go to a site that has a bunch of residents (almost all core) including EM residents but it’s really far from any family/friends. I’m 90% sure I want to pursue EM. second location is about 15...
  28. P

    WAMC cGPA 3.67 sGPA 3.62 MCAT 502 (Reposting in Pre-Med DO)

    Hi Everyone! It feels surreal, but first time posting a WAMC thread & school list suggestion as an upcoming applicant for 2021’s application. I want to start by saying that I have been considering applying to DO Programs throughout the university; thank you in advance for all your support...
  29. T

    Help me decide: KCU-Joplin vs WVSOM vs Nova

    Hello, I could really use some knowledgeable insight to help me make my decision. I am planning on going the IM route for residency and would like to end up in or as close to DC as possible, as that’s where my partner will be. Not sure how much the school (in my case) impacts that possibility. I...
  30. insaiyan-premed

    Step 2 CS discontinued

    Hello, I wanted to know how this would impact Pre-DO students like me who plan to mainly go DO schools as non-trad reinventors. I know PE is still there but w/ Step 1 P/F and Step 2 gone how would I make the case of being competitive for say Rads or EM. I know it's way early thinking about this...
  31. R

    Matching Psych with just comlex?

    Hey guys, I'm extremely interested in applying to psych residencies this fall. ~600 COMLEX 1 and decent amount of psych experience Do I have a shot given the increasing desirability of psychiatry? - Any advice?
  32. P

    Nuero or IM matching with red falgs (marijuana)?

    Hello all, I am currently a MS-2 (DO) who wants to apply to Internal Medicine or Neurology. My academic average is 90+ (while doing step 1/ COMLEX prep) and I should be able to get to a 240+ on Step One. My did a summer research elective that will give me 2 oral presentations; one local, one...
  33. DocSherman

    DO School List Request: Mid 20s, 3.3 GPA, 499 MCAT

    Hello. To preface, I’m aware my numbers are on shaky ground, so we can get that out of the way. However, I think my numbers fall within some parameters for DO admission, especially when combined with my experiences. I’m in my mid 20s and graduated college four-ish years ago. The 3.3 cGPA was...
  34. M

    Top Psychiatry Residencies w/ DO residents (past or present)

    I am curious what would be considered the 'top' psychiatry residency programs that have accepted DO students? I know University of Michigan, Cleveland Clinic, and Mayo Clinic have all had DO psych residents, but was curious if y'all knew of other strong programs that have accepted DO students...
  35. DoctorBambi

    One Month Update DO WL Poll

    Hey all, I posted a poll about a month ago to see where everyone was at. There’s been quite a bit of movement since then so just wanted to do an update. If you previously participated in the last poll, I’d appreciate if you could participate in this one as well. It’s anonymous.
  36. B

    Interviewing before receiving MCAT scores? [2020-2021]

    I've submitted quite a few DO secondaries, but I'm taking the MCAT in July. Which schools, if any, will be interviewing before receiving MCAT scores?
  37. MedKid8399

    Torn in My Decision: NYCPM (Podiatry) versus TouroCOM master's linkage program versus Stonybrook MBS

    Just accepted to TOUROCOM linkage program which links to its Osteopath school, as well as Stonybrook Masters of biomedical sciences, and NYCPM. I have several years of research experiences at NYU Winthrop, 3 publications, many hours shadowing doctors, volunteer experiences, and a year scribing...
  38. prehealthboi

    AACOMAS LOR Confusion

    So I was under the impression AACOMAS was like AMCAS where I could just upload up to 10 letters and choose which ones to send to schools. This error is obviously due to my naivety, and I should have double checked before. I was uploading letters to AACOMAS as I received them through Interfolio...
  39. CoomassieBlue57

    Whoot! Whoot! COCA Seeks Feedback (Wait, What?)

    COCA invites the osteopathic medical education community, the osteopathic profession, and the public at large to share feedback for the “COCA Substantive Change Policies and Procedures” document. The document can be found here...
  40. DoctorBambi

    Poll: Where do you stand?

    Hey all, thought this might be an interesting poll to gage where people are at right now. Also kept it anon in hopes that more people will engage! Mods-My apologies if this is in the wrong place.