1. DoctorBambi

    Poll: Where do you stand?

    Hey all, thought this might be an interesting poll to gage where people are at right now. Also kept it anon in hopes that more people will engage! Mods-My apologies if this is in the wrong place.
  2. R

    Disadvantaged status?

    Hi there, I'm wondering if I should classify myself as disadvantaged and write the essay. I was raised primarily by a single-mother, who (during my elm-middle school years) worked 3 jobs to put herself through school to become an elementary school teacher. We struggled, hard, and the struggle...
  3. H

    MD or DO Schools w/ Holistic Medicine Courses

    Hi this is my first post on SDN so bear with me :) My intention for coming here is to build a list of medical schools in America or Canada that offer more in terms of holistic, integrative, and functional medicine training. Please contribute with more schools you may know of and your personal...
  4. Jwolfe5

    PA vs DO vs DPM

    Hello and welcome to my quarter life crisis. I have always thought I wanted to be a MD in the ED. After some scribing, I’ve noticed that they do less procedures than I originally thought. I like the hands on stuff. Now I dont know what I want and its stressing me out. I could try for DO, but the...
  5. Potinator

    Experience for med school

    Hello. I’m a junior biology major and am planning to apply to osteopathic schools in the future. My cumulative gpa is about 3.5 but my science gpa is about 3.23. I know this isn’t very competitive but I wanted to know what my best options would be to improve my application. I am currently...
  6. T

    Try to match Urology, or go straight for OB/GYN? Advice on how to apply two specialties

    Wondering if 4th years on the interview trail or residents can give some input in regards to chances and if I should give a shot at urology. Below are some stats and info: -3rd year male osteopathic student, Step1 235, COMLEX1 520-530, 3.0 GPA, Step2 and COMLEX2 in May TBD. -3 Poster...
  7. D

    What are my chances?

    Hello, and thank you all for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it. Major: Biology (minor in chemistry) cGPA: 3.53 sGPA: 3.48 MCAT: 503 EC: - Four Year college athlete (senior year captain, two-time all-conference (not sure if this is important)) - 1700 hours volunteering (mainly...
  8. Seihai

    Mean MCAT and Mean GPAs for all DO Schools (scraped from ChooseDO)

    Hi all, As discussed in a previous thread (Osteopathic Applicant Rating System?), I have been working on scraping the mean GPA and mean MCAT for all DO schools from ChooseDO's Explorer Tool (Choose DO Explorer Registration - Choose DO). I have completed the code to scrape the data, and you can...
  9. T


  10. D

    AOA/Merger - NRMP Step 1 Score Reporting

    3rd year DO student here, and am still on the fence about taking Step 1. Interested in FM residency. Does anyone know if it is required to report Step 1 scores on the NRMP residency application post merger completion? Previously there was still the AOA; therefore, ERAS application. Now it will...
  11. J

    Need your help, Chances to DO? (Non-Trad Applicant)

    Hello all, I am wondering if you guys can help me figure out what I should do at this point. I'm a non-trad application, and these are my stats: Education: 2012-2016 B.A., Biology major and Medical Anthropology minor (Private) cGPA: 3.43 sGPA: 3.36 MCAT: 505 2018-2020 MPH, Health Policy and...
  12. W

    Apply? Or sit this cycle out?

    Hey all, So I'm a re-applicant now. This cycle is coming to an end and I'm still post-II waitlisted at ATSU-AZ, but I'm not holding out on getting an acceptance. Final GPA (including post bacc) 3.23 cGPA 3.12 sGPA Post Bacc GPA (19 credits upper division science) 3.95 cGPA and sGPA MCAT: 507...
  13. Taverly

    Is anesthesia D.O. friendly?

    Is anesthesia D.O. friendly or will I have to kill boards to get a shot?
  14. K


    Hi everyone! I'm really torn between these 2 schools and thought I'd try posting on here for some more input :) Here's my train of thought so far: ACOM pros: - brand new facilities - loved the area - great weather - already paid the admissions deposit and put down a deposit at an apartment -...
  15. PapaGuava

    *~*~*~*Official Personal Statement Guide and Reader List 2019-2020*~*~*~*

    This thread is for this year's applicants who are beginning to work on their personal statements. If you're looking for someone to read your PS, check out the list of volunteers below In the most recent post ONLY!! Link to last years Personal Statement Reader thread HERE. If you are willing...
  16. S

    UIWSOM vs Touro NY (Middletown)

    Hey everyone, I was fortunate enough to be accepted to both schools; however, I'm having trouble deciding on where to go. Can anyone else provide some input besides what I have written below? I'm from Southern California, and I would ideally like to go back home for a competitive residency...
  17. Taverly

    Midwestern University vs. Des Moines University

    I'm having great difficulty deciding between these two osteopathic colleges. I've seen lots of threads on this specific topic, but none of them have helped me decide. I enjoyed the interview I had at both, and I really like the area that both schools are located. For me, the most important...
  18. K

    MD SMP Problem with DO School?

    So to ask my question in a way it makes sense.... I have heard by a moderator on SDN that if you were accepted to a DO school (example) and declined the acceptance, you would then be blacklisted by all other DO schools. My question is- Would DO schools look down upon an applicant that was...
  19. K


    Does anyone have any info on how good this program is or been through this program? Thanks.
  20. K

    SMP Programs

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could make opinions or comments on the following SMPs and which one they would recommend. If a medical student from the program could comment or PM me, that would be great too! My GPAs so far... cGPA: 3.5 sGPA: 3.4 MCAT: Not taken yet... Rosalind Franklin...
  21. K

    SMP Questions

    Hello, I'm a fairly new poster so let me get right to it... Some SMPs such as Toledo want a 500 MCAT to be accepted into the program which has a great matriculation rate as stated as "65-80%". My question is what happens if a DO school offers an acceptance but so does Toledo SMP? Should you...
  22. DerArzt321

    WAMC D.O. 3.34cGPA 3.09sGAP 503 MCAT

    WAMC? D.O. underdawg / considering podiatry. 3.34 cGPA (3.6 from degree-granting institutions) 3.09 sGPA (3.45 from degree-granting institutions) 503 MCAT (127/125/124 (CARS)/127); retaking for a shot at 510+ in June; confident I can get at least a 505. Story: Long-time lurker on SDN. MI...
  23. D


    I have already been accepted to PCOM (Philly campus) but was offered an II to CCOM. How do the clinical rotations of these two schools compare? Is there any significant reason why CCOM would be much better to warrant paying almost 20k more a year in tuition? Also which school would potentially...
  24. S

    Turning primary app in June - How bad is it?

    Hello. Since this is an anonymous forum, I'll reveal some things about my application in regards to what's going on. My science grade is quite borderline (this is my second time applying for med school), but I found a way to make it at least 3.0 before the summer time - something that allows...
  25. J

    DO School

    Hello everyone! I’m an undergraduate student in Canada, majoring in Biology. I’m really working hard towards getting into DO school in the states. I started off my first year of university, working my ass off and getting poor grades. I’m currently in the second term of my second year, and my...
  26. 9

    DO Shadowing in Dallas

    I am having a hard time finding a DO to shadow in the Dallas area. I have cold called, sent emails, visited clinics, etc. but I have been constantly turned down. I used the doctorsthatdo.org website and have not had any luck with that either. If anyone in that Dallas area knows of a DO that...
  27. P

    Chances of getting into Osteopathic School??

    Hello! I've been back and forth with my chances of getting into medical school for the longest time and I have used this forum as a guide. I think it is due time that I got some personal feedback from the users on this forum, though. I am only applying to Osteopathic medical schools for my...
  28. R

    Will I get in? Low Gpa

    Took MCAT three times..but did not put much effort into it..got below 490. Being motivated to take it again with my best effort put into it. Currently in the accelerated BSN program as back up plan to get into NP program, graduating May 2020 with hopefully a high gpa. If i get a MCAT score of...
  29. B

    DO Senior Year, 2.918 cGPA, WAMC for DO?

    Senior Year, 1 semester left Ethnicity: Asian Male Biology major with a concentration in BME Minors: Chemistry and Bioinformatics cGPA: 2.918 sGPA: ~2.8 MCAT: n/a (i know, if i had a score it would help better) Current EC's: -Emergency Department Scribe (2 years and will continue, ~30 hours per...
  30. Prescribe_Rock&Roll

    American Seeking to Study Medicine in Spain

    I am a nontraditional, 28-year-old American from Boston, Massachusetts. I am set to earn my undergraduate degree by December 2019—a BS in Exercise & Health Sciences, minor in Biology. Aside from having previously changed my major like a hundred times before realizing my passion for medicine and...
  31. R

    3 things that you would change about your school

    Hey fellow SDNers, so I am curious about gaining some more information about the challenges and issues that students in the D.O world face and compare them to the ones the MD students report. Prepping to apply next year I skimmed a lot of the specific school threads on both DO/MD and...
  32. BeenThereDoneThatOrtho

    Osteopathic Orthopedic Residency 2019 Match

    All the other threads were a little dated. Any thoughts on going to Riverside or Modesto, where would you go? Thanks.
  33. 3

    LMU DCOM 2018-2019 Waitlist

    Hey everyone, This is a waitlist thread for LMU DCOM applicants in the 2018-2019 cycle! I don't think we'll start hearing anything until sometime in May but feel free to post here. Good luck to everyone and I hope we all hear good news this cycle!
  34. VeritasVitamEst

    LUCOM vs. Western U (COMP-NW)

    Hello all. Trying to make a decision between the two schools and would love some community input Background: I'm a non-trad student; married and expecting our first child. (I'll leave stats since people might find it helpful). Undergrad: Classical Liberal Arts and Culture (3.36) Post-Bacc...
  35. T

    Apply this cycle or SMP?

    Hey guys, so I’m in a dilemma with wasting a ton of money and time applying and maybe not getting in or go ahead and start an SMP. Here is a little background: 3.35 gpa (upward trend of 2.7-> 3.35 over 2 years) 3.4 sgpa Practice mcat scores have been around 512 consistently. Decent amount...
  36. whosnisarg

    DOs Competitiveness in Residencies

    Hey, gang! I'm new to the idea of osteopathic medicine and was curious about how one would go about obtaining an interventional radiology residency as a DO. Would this change as a result of the 2020 merger? This is already a very tough residency to gain for MDs, will it be impossible after the...
  37. Fishy fish

    Post-Interview Acceptance Rate-DO Programs

    Does anyone have post-interview acceptance rates for DO schools? I'm specifically interested in NYITCOM Old Westbury's campus acceptance rate. It would be tremendously helpful if anyone could share!
  38. Fishy fish

    Opinions on canceling interviews

    So I have applied to both MD and DO programs and have been fortunate enough to receive 4 MD and 3 DO interviews. Given that I am interested in dermatology, I would like to attend an MD program. However, if DO is my only option, I would rather go that route than wait another year and re-apply. My...
  39. A

    Updating MCAT score

    I am in the process of applying, I haven't submitted my application yet, I want to retake the MCAT again as my third time, am I able to update my mcat score a couple months later after submitting my application?