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Mar 30, 2014
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Hi! I took the MCAT this past weekend and ended up voiding it, as I was extremely anxious and knew I had completely bombed C/P. I am hoping to get a 510+ but have not been doing great on the AAMC materials.

AAMC Sample= 59% CP, 85% CARS, 64% BB, 78% PS

Question Banks= 72% Chem, 76% Phys, 74% CARS, 82% BB

Section Banks (7/5)= 64% CP, 70% BB, 74% PS

FL1 (7/12)= 503 (125CP / 126 CARS / 125 BB / 127 PS)

FL2 (7/26)= 507 (125CP / 128 CARS / 127 BB / 127 PS)

I am planning on taking it again on Sept. 12 and need advise on how to best study these 5-6 weeks:

1) UWorld: I had already done this, but thinking about redoing gen chem, phys, and biochem. Is it worth it to try to do Orgo? I work full-time so would have to decrease my work on other sections to fit it in.

2) FLs: I would like to do FLs these next 2 Saturdays. Any advice on whether I should just do UWorld (timed), NS, or Alt? I believe both NS and Alt have a free FL I could use but not sure about their quality

3) CP timing: This kills me! Not only is it my weakest section but I always run out of time. This past Saturday I still had 2 passages to go when time ran out, and usually will be at 40/59 in the practice FLs.

4) Anki: I have my own self-made deck and had previously done MileDown's deck, but unfortunately it got deleted from my laptop. Would it be worth it downloading it and trying to do it again? Jack Sparrow seems too overwhelming to do on top of practice and working full-time order to keep content fresh.

I am very open to suggestions and willing to work hard. My only barrier is that I work full-time, but I am trying to as much time this next month to study and hopefully be done with this exam.

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Feb 5, 2020
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If you’re in last 6 weeks, I suggest using only AAMC materials and start priming you’re brain into their logic. Do those FL’s a week apart. Once you run out if AAMC materials, try creating your own problems. Personally, doing this helped me with CARS.

Btw, I also worked full-time while preparing for the MCAT. With steady schedule and diligence, you can definitely achieve your desired score. Also, on the day before your exam date, try to take the entire day off and just relax. That will certainly help with your anxiety!


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Apr 25, 2019
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I'd recommend going on a cycle of practice, review, and then a deep content review of weak areas. Rinse and repeat. As test day gets closer, focus on AAMC material and make sure you know the answer to every single question on the AAMC practice.

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