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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by tiffsatt, May 25, 2000.

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    I have been reading the posts here for about 6 months now and very seldom post myself. But I have a question...I have just recently started looking at DO schools and was very upset to find that there aren't books out that describe them as there are for MD schools. When I began reading the posts here I realized there are more to schools than location and MCAT scores. How do I know which schools are going to make me find my own preceptorship and which set them up for me? I don't think I want all that stress of trying to find a hospital that I will actually be involved in.

    Give me some info please.

    Oh yeah,
    Doc Gibby...I find it strange for some reason that you attend MSUCOM. I am from Michigan so most of the negatives you stated about the school don't apply to me. I was just wondering if you were happy with the education and clinical experience you were receiving. I am certainly going to apply there and your positive comments were very encouraging.

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    May 15, 2000
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    I think that there's a book that has both MD and DO schools. I remember thumbing through it at the book store. You might want to go to a B&N book store and thumbing through some of those books. Ask the clerks. . . some of them have an amazing first hand knowledge of these kinds of books.

    Michigan has a really nice program. TCOM in Texas has a really nice program too. You do preceptorships every summer. You can check out their web page or give them a call. They give pref. to in-state students. They aren't on the ACOMAS application system anymore. They opted to throw in with the other Texas med schools and make their own application sys. The application is available online. and then click the colleges link. There's a ton of info about the schools there.

    Good luck,

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    Personnally, I've always been fond of PCOM in Philadelphia, PA. LECOM is worth looking into as well. Then again, it's your decision.

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    Check out "REA's Authoratative Guide to Medical and Dental Schools" if you can find it. The book is a bit old (1997) but it has helpful breakdowns of all Allopathic and Osteopathic schools in the U.S. and Canada. It covers location, admissions processes, GPA and MCAT averages of those accepted, and many other valuable topics. Watch out tho, it somehow omits info on TUCOM (maybe the name change threw them off). The book cost me about $20 from B&N.

    Otherwise, since there's only 18 D.O. schools take a few hours and go to each of their websites (if you're not sure of the address use a search engine). I found the info on these sites the most helpful in deciding where to apply.

    Good luck with your applications. [​IMG]

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    You misunderstood, I'm only just starting at MSUCOM this fall. I'm also from Michigan, by the way. Each school has their own positives and negatives. Your just gonna have to size up what's most important to you, and whether that is a school's strength or weakness. Call the schools and ask them questions (better yet set up a meeting with the dean admissions if it's feasible) or post specific questions in the DO forum. By the way, the negatives and the positives at MSU don't necessarily apply to everyone there. I was just trying to present an objective opinion for both the in-staters and the out-of-staters.

    They favor in-state residents which is a bonus for you and I, but a negative to anyone in the other 49 states (I think they accept perhaps 10, very competitive).

    To us Michiganders the weather is nothing new, I actually like it quite a bit. However, some unsuspecting Florida student will be in for quite a surprise (as you know) come winter time.

    Their resource center in combination with Hospital resourses and the internet should cover any journals/books you might need. However, MSU remains the only Big 10 University whose Medical Schools (MD and DO) are without a Medical Library. They do have a fabulous Law Library. Though, I'm told some of the law students don't take kindly to us using thier study spaces. Other DO schools, UHSCOM for example, has an excellent Medical Library. Positive/Negative, I guess this ones up for interpretation.

    Same goes for not having an on-campus hospital.

    As far as the parking goes, there is no upside. In my orientation packets, it states that we actually have a "Parking Representative." A student from your class who volunteers to become your class's parking guru. He/She seeks out the best parking and acts as a liason between you and the campus police when you get a nice little parking ticket. My parking plans are gonna cost me around 100+ a year (that's the cheap one!). It's also a 10 min walk from the lecture hall. You can park closer, but it will cost you.

    I hope this clears up any confusion. Feel free to email me if you've got more questions.

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