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Help! MS In Biomedical Sciences vs Pre Med Post Bacc?

Discussion in 'Nontraditional Students' started by kyriecassin, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. kyriecassin

    kyriecassin No, not that Doctor 2+ Year Member

    Feb 22, 2014
    Hiya folks,

    I was wondering if anyone has ever been in the situation I'm in, because I am having a hard time trying to pick the right path here. I am currently enrolled out-of-state in a MS Biomedical Sciences program (it's on the quarter system so we've only reached week 2), but was told by the school's premed advisor that I should WITHDRAW as soon as possible and try to attend a one-year pre med post bacc in my home state (Texas). :O

    His main reason was because my undergrad GPA was too low for med school (approx. 3.0 cGPA, and slightly lower sGPA; I was diagnosed with an illness my sophomore year of undergrad and it didn't get sorted out for two years), and that a pre med post bacc would be a "GPA enhancer" that is my "best and only chance".

    My graduate advisers basically said that he is full of baloney, and that they have plenty of graduate students go on to medical school (though all of their examples were Ph.D. students who'd had these amazing ECs...). After I finish one year of my MS, I can transfer into the school's Interdepartmental Medical Science (IMS) Program, where I would take a year of medical school classes; I could apply to medical school having earned a MS at the end of a year there.

    Regardless of what I choose, I have until Friday to either withdraw from the university and go back home or stick with my current program. My main concern is that finishing the MS here won't get me any closer to medical school, and that I'll be wasting a ton of money even though I'll have a "fallback (my advisers' words)" in case I decide medicine is not for me.

    Any advice at all would be appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. diesel2101

    diesel2101 2+ Year Member

    Aug 29, 2014
    If you have >3.0, you'll bypass the cutoffs, so stick it out and apply wisely. Do you have an MCAT score yet? Is the masters program a reputable one with a strong history of sending graduates to medical school? If you do well >3.5 in the masters, I see no reason as to why you would be denied, providing you apply broadly and early. A solid GPA and a 30+ MCAT shouldn't hold you back.

    Personally, I retook classes for a year and it was enough to land me an acceptance and a few interviews so far, so I'm biased. However, if you're in a good program, stick it out.

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