Help! Need to figure out next step...retake prereqs or postbac program

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Apr 17, 2012
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I finished my undergrad majoring in Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill in Canada. I am moving back to NYC to get a U.S. transcript. I was wondering if I should boost my science GPA by retaking the prerequisite science courses that I have already completed. I took these prereqs four/five years ago and the ADEA AADSAS standardized these grades, which lowered my GPA. I could do much better in these courses because I received low grades and therefore, there is much room for improvement. However, I did well on the DAT, which did cover the prereq material. Only recently did I hear of a postbac premed program, which gives students like me, with a low GPA, the opportunity to boost their grades for a science profession. I was wondering which path is better; to retake these prereq classes as a non-degree student or to apply to a postbac program? Or should I take higher-level science courses, which I have already done since that was the focus of my major?

My concern is to boost my science GPA and I want to guarantee that the next step is going to boost my GPA and not give me more difficulty. Any thoughts?


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Aug 26, 2011
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If your ready to take on a heavy course load, and move up to the next level of science do an SMP or Masters of Science to prove to the adcoms that you can handle...If your to scared to take on 4-5 science courses of intense sciences a semester, pursue a post-bac for a bit, taking 2-3 courses a semester to start bringing your gpa back up. I would only retake pre-reqs that you got a C or below in.