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Feb 23, 2009
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Hi guys

I'm a senior at Boston University and I'm looking to apply for SMPs at Georgetown, BU, and Tufts to enter Fall 2011. I'm just confused and have a few questions:

1. they keep saying they will review it once they have received all credentials. however, if i apply in, say, january, i wouldn't have had my senior grades in yet. how does that work?

2. the application that is available now- will that change (the essays) in december or is it the same? i.e. can i start it now

3. Does NYU have an SMP?

4. I still need to take one summer course after may 2011 (when I was supposed to graduate) so I believe that I will not "officially" receive my degree until September 2011. Will this be a problem?

5. just a random question: let's say hypothetically that I would like to attend columbia med school. would it make more sense to do that through the columbia post bac? or just stick with the SMPs? I've heard of someone getting into columbia med through their post bac.

Thanks so much!
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