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Jul 16, 2013
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    Which organism shows a higher rate of fitness within her population?
    • A. A female who has no offspring.
    • B. A female who has 3 offspring and they all live.
    • C. A female who has 6 offspring and 4 die.
    • D. A female who has 9 offspring and 7 die.
    • E. A female who has 12 offspring and 11 die.
    The answer here is B.

    I understand it but I just want to make sure I understand the concept better as I thought that Biological fitness meant the probability of passing on your genes on and the more offspring you have the higher your fitness is.

    Then, my question is, does it only care about how many offspring you have or how many viable offspring which is the case here in this example. Thank you guys


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    Dec 25, 2016
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      Well, passing your genes on doesn't really mean much if your offspring die, right? So I guess the proper way to define fitness would be producing the most number of offspring that live to adulthood (and will eventually reproduce themselves). This ensures that your genes were at least passed on for one generation.
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