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Aug 1, 2005
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Im from California. So I plan on applying broadly, and out of state
Not what I was hoping to read....

Well, get that GPA up to where you hoped and you will have a good chance with that strong MCAT.

I think Cali requires more unique ECs....

and apply OOS alot....

If you apply early and to around 20 OOS schools you are competitive at that accepts a fair amount. I think you will ok. Get a MSAR and check it out.
Sep 4, 2006
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You don't need an SMP. Your MCAT score is good enough to compensate for the cGPA. Since the BCPM is low, I think more postbac work is a fine idea, especially if you didn't end with a strong upward trend. Your ECs are fine, but picking up some nonmedical community service (a few hours a week is fine) would be nice to see. Presumably you are employed as an EMT and will use that to keep your patient contact experience current?