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Jun 24, 2018
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Wondering what people's thoughts were on non cultural/ethnic topics for diversity essays. I'm a white middle class male and not 1st generation college, so I've been struggling a bit on coming up with a diversity topic.

A recent idea that has come to mind is talking about the combination of being a wrestler and a violinist. I don't think either activity alone is that unique, but from personal experience i believe that doing both is pretty uncommon. I have plenty of good things to say about how the two have been complementary in helping me grow as a person and interacting with a wide variety of people, just wondering if it's a topic worth exploring.

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated (and if you think it's a bad topic that I should scrap, please don't be afraid to say it!).

Tldr: rough sports and fine arts involvement for a diversity topic?

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