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  1. G

    Diversity Essay Topic Help

    Hello everyone. I'm sorry to create another diversity essay help thread but I'm truly at a loss for what to write about for "what diversity do you bring to the class" type prompt. I'm about one of the most basic applicants there is so finding what is diverse about me has proved very...
  2. R

    Feedback on Diversity Question

    Hi all, I have had some trouble with my diversity prompt for many schools. I would appreciate some feedback regarding this topic. To describe my childhood, Parents immigrated when they were post-grad, had nothing but two bags. Used to have me on food stamps till elementary but now we are upper...
  3. G

    Diversity topic advice

    Hi all, I got some feedback on my diversity essay and now I am really stuck. I wrote my essay about cooking (a huge passion of mine) and how I assumed the role of family chef, especially during a particularly difficult time for my family. I also try to mention how its helped me build...
  4. B

    Yet another "diversity" question

    Hi friends! Disclaimer: I've changed up what lies below because it used to be (mildly) personally identifying information. In conjunction with the rest of my posts it could've been used to figure out who I am, so I've censored it. I'm going through secondaries from a set of schools that ask...
  5. L

    Another diversity statement?

    I've been reading through some past threads for advice on writing the diversity statement since I'm struggling with it. The advice I've curated boils down to diversity doesn't necessarily mean talking about ethnicity or race for example. It can also focus on what unique qualities or experiences...
  6. S

    Diversity and Adversity Secondary Essays - Help!

    Diversity What is everyone’s opinion on writing about an anecdotal experience for secondary essays? For this diversity essay in particular, I am an ORM, so wanted to write about my experience caring for a resident of mine at a nursing home who does not speak english, and what I learned from...
  7. sputniksweetheart

    Feedback on diversity essay topic?

    Hi everyone! I'm struggling to pick the topic I should write about for the standard 'diversity' essay. I'm between a "safe" option that may sound cliché or something that's unique, but a little bit riskier? I'd really appreciate any feedback. My first option, talking about growing in a...
  8. D

    Appropriate Diversity Topic?

    Hi all, I've really appreciated the feedback I've received from this community thus far, and I was hoping for insight once again. I’m struggling to figure out whether my diversity essay topic is appropriate. It seems more interesting than talking about my time being a high school oboist or...
  9. C

    Help with my diversity essay!! PLEASE IM DESPERATE AND OUT OF IDEAS

    Hello! I am new to posting on sdn but have been browsing forums throughout this whole application process. I am almost done all of my secondaries but have been struggling with the basic diversity essay. I completed undergrad in the US but I am not a US resident/citizen and are planning to do med...
  10. V

    Example of contributing to diversity...

    I am currently working on the secondary for UMass and they threw an odd curveball asking for a concrete example when you had contributed to the diversity of a group... I am having trouble understanding what that really entails and would appreciate any pointers or tips to things I can talk about?
  11. M

    Diversity topic?

    Hi all, Would either of these topics be good for diversity secondaries? My background- grew up in a well-off Asian family in a rural New england community. 1. Talk about rural upbringing and attending schools where the majority came from poverty-ridden families (ie greater awareness of the...
  12. M

    Appropriate topic for diversity secondary?

    Hi all- I'm from a rural community in the Northeast. (meaning rural, but not to the extreme of locations in the midwest per se). This was my idea for a diversity secondary and I would appreciate any feedback: -I want to talk about coming from a rural area and a public school system where...
  13. L

    Diversity Question???

    Hello guys! I'm currently preparing for post-bacc and not sure what to write for the diversity question. Now, I can think of two options. 1. Typical immigrant story grew in single-culture Asian country -> moved to a rural city in America, experienced ignorant sentiments, practiced my...
  14. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Is the Diversity Essay Question & How Do You Answer It?

    What is the diversity question in a school application, and more importantly, why does it matter when applying to leading programs and universities? Many applications now include a question – sometimes optional – that encourages applicants with minority backgrounds, unusual education...
  15. S

    overwhelmed with secondaries.. need advice

    Hello all! I am currently very overwhelmed with secondaries as I feel like I have no idea what to write about. That's why I came here to get your advice on some secondary essay prompts. Challenge essays: when I was little, we won the green card lottery. Thus, my dad moved to the US when I was...
  16. boundlesscorpuscle

    Just Another Diversity Essay Thread...

    Hello lovely people of SDN. I am sorry to subject you to another query about the diversity essay, but alas, here I am. I'm really struggling with this one, despite taking @Goro 's advice of determining what's "cool" about me. I feel that many of my interests and endeavors have been pretty...
  17. sherer1

    Diversity Essay Opinions? Racing vs. Robotic surgery?

    For the diversity essays i was initially going to talk about being a Persian immigrant and so on but I realized that that's not what really makes me unique and will probably bore the admissions person so I'm stuck between these two: 1 - throughout my college years I found that racing cars was...
  18. M

    Diversity Essay

  19. S

    Diversity secondary concern- too arrogant or elitist?

    Hey everyone — long time lurker and now posting for the first time! For my diversity secondary, I’m going with sort of a “diversity of mindset” approach: I’m talking about how I have a passion for developing medical technologies and other innovations to push science forward. I talk about how my...
  20. E

    Help with diversity essays topic

    Wondering what people's thoughts were on non cultural/ethnic topics for diversity essays. I'm a white middle class male and not 1st generation college, so I've been struggling a bit on coming up with a diversity topic. A recent idea that has come to mind is talking about the combination of...
  21. LindaAccepted

    Medical Writing the Diversity Personal Statement

    One of the many challenges of applying to college or graduate school is showing the admissions committee how you’ll fit in and stand out. Adcoms are trying to build student bodies that will work cohesively towards shared goals and ideals, but that come from different backgrounds and with...
  22. Sadlyanon

    Diversity Essay help!

    Hi So I am preparing for my university’s application for a committee letter. And one of the essay prompts is the diversity essay question. I’m really struggling on deciding on what to write with out sounding cliche. Everyone I have talked to so far says “talk about being an African American...
  23. LindaAccepted

    Medical Encore: Different Dimensions of Diversity [Episode 221]

    Tune in for an encore of one of our most popular 2017 podcast episodes, where Linda Abraham addresses one of the the most pressing topics on applicants’ minds: how to properly approach the diversity question. Listen in as Linda answers your diversity-in-admissions questions, including: 1. Why...
  24. U

    Diversity statement advice

    Yes, another thread asking for advice about what to write for those secondary diversity essays... In terms of demographics, I'm nothing special (22, white, female, middle class, parents still married, grew up in suburbia). I've brainstormed a few topics, but I'm not feeling too compelled about...
  25. Prometheus123

    Diversity: cultural competency, communication, family?

    Should I talk about my cultural competency and family like this in my secondaries about diversity? Am I answering the question convincingly? @Goro has said that the goal of diversity is to write about what makes you cool, unique, different, not necessarily about your socioeconomic background...
  26. N

    Diversity help

    Hi, Sorry for beating a dead horse--seen plenty of posts regarding the "diversity question" but I find myself coming up short. Here are my ideas--I was wondering if someone could tell me if they're crazy or work at all. (Btw am 22 year old white female, grad 2016, just completed "service year")...
  27. R

    Using "many technical hobbies" as a diversity essay topic?

    I am a fairly generic white guy, but am considering writing my diversity essay on how I have more hobbies than normal and like to teach people about them. heres a quick idea of what I am getting at. My ability to enrich fellow UPSOM members will be through my interest in sharing my wide...
  28. H

    Another dang diversity essay question, LGBT

    Hey all. I've been getting started on my secondaries and we all know the famous "diversity question". Wondering if anyone can give insight about how wise it would be to talk about the intricacies of growing up a gay guy in a family with strong religious and eastern asian cultural values? Could...
  29. U

    Diversity Essay

    Would anyone mind reading over my diversity essay? It's pretty short but I'm worried it may sound too cliche. If willing, PM me
  30. U

    Diversity Secondary Essay Review Request

    I was wondering if any of you all would mind looking over my diversity essay and letting me know what you think. Diversity questions always give me the most trouble so I would love to hear any feedback. PM me. thanks.
  31. LindaAccepted

    Medical Your Past Doesn’t Define You [Episode 209]

    Today’s one of those shows where I’m going to be the sole presenter. I actually started preparing this show during the World Series way back in October. Yes, folks, after 108 years of losing, the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series. At the same time, we were working (and have worked in...
  32. coollime21

    Thoughts on Diversity Essay for Secondary Applications?

    Hello everyone, I am a new member to SDN and this is my first post! Its so exciting! Anyways, I applied for 2018 cycle (M.D.). I need some ideas about what to write for my diversity essay. I am an American citizen (my dad is from California) who was born and raised outside of US. I came to US...
  33. LindaAccepted

    Medical Approaching The Diversity Essay Question

    Many applications now have a question, sometimes optional, geared to encouraging people with minority backgrounds or unusual educational or family histories to write about their background. How Are YOU Diverse? First the easy answer: If you are an immigrant to the US, the child of immigrants...
  34. LindaAccepted

    Medical Different Dimensions of Diversity [Episode 193]

    In reviewing our stats for last year, I noticed that one of our most visited pages is an article on writing about diversity. That’s not shocking since Accepted’s consultants are frequently asked by stressed, panicked clients from well-represented groups in the applicant pool, “How can I answer...
  35. procrastin8r

    PhD/PsyD PhD/PsyD App Requesting Diversity Statement?

    Hi, Everyone The diversity committee in my department would like to give future doctoral applicants the opportunity to comment on their contributions to diversity. We would like to update next year's grad app to include a. an optional, supplemental diversity statement; OR b. an option to...
  36. Iconic Bond

    Diversity Essay

    Would anyone like to read and give me some feedback on a short diversity essay I wrote for Tuft's secondary application? I might plan on using the same essay for other schools.
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    Advice on adversity/diversity

  38. R

    Thoughts on my diversity essay topic?

    For my diversity essay topic I'm thinking of writing about a near death experience. Last year I travelled to Panama as part of a volunteer medical team. While we were there we went swimming in a water hole in the middle of the jungle. One of my team members couldn't swim so he started to drown...