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Jun 14, 2004
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Hi, I'm new to the dental forums here at SDN and need some advice. I will be taking the DAT within the next 2-3 months and have already taken an MCAT course (and got a 33). There is no way I want to another course since PR MCAT course was a complete waste since I just went to class each time and got bored since the teachers were rather dull. I wanna know how I should prepare if I'm going to study on my own. I bought the Kaplan review notes and lesson notes and have the flash cards + CD. The CD has one test but that's is. Can anyone reccomend what else I should purchase and what website are worth taking a look at (anything would be nice). I have EK chem from when I took the MCAT plust all my MCAT books still. Are there places where I can buy sample DAT tests and books that also have them (does barrons or pr also have DAT books? ). Thanks.