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    I am currently a freshman at Central Michigan University. Just working on my university program courses. I in the future i would like to make a career as a forensic pathologist i have been trying to find information on this regarding how much schooling what type and have come up a little short. I do not know if i should be earning my bachelors degree here or in a medical college and then going for my M.D ? could u help me out with this please
    Thank you
    Tara Richardson
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    Jul 21, 2001
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    Hi richa2t.
    Bachelor's degrees could be attained at any accredited 4-year colleges, after which you can apply to medical schools to obtain your MD degree. Im not well-versed in the residency field, and dont know whether this explanation was any better than you hoped. Sorry for being so rusty! Good luck. :)
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    Aug 12, 2001
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    Attending Physician

    To become a forensic pathologist you'll have to finish your bachlors degree and complete the prerequisites for medical school. (You don't always need a bachlors, but that is pretty rare). Central Michigan should be fine for this. Then you'll have to go to medical school for your MD (BTW Medical college=medical school). After that you'll do a residency in pathology, either anatomic or clinical or both. Currently to both types (AP/CP combined) the residency is five years, to do anatomic (the only one usually required for forensics) only takes four years. After residency there is a one year fellowship in forensic pathology.

    This info is from my pre-pathologist friend. There are always changes being made and things change from program to program. Just thought I could give you some idea of what's in store!

    Good luck!

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