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Feb 28, 2005
plano, texas
I have a quick question>< here is my situation. My undergraduate gpa is around a 2.9, which includes taking several classes over. The classes that I took over., I got either a's or b's. Anyway, when addsas calcualtes it,they average in every class, so my gpa is like a 2.5. SO, I then got my masters degree in biology, with a 3.25. My question is, how can I correct my " Young and dumb" ways of the past. I had a decent DAT, 18, but my PAT is low, 14. Do I still have a shot? What dental schools are the easiest to get into? Also, what post bac programs for dental school guarantee admission to ttheir programs, I know LOma Linda does. I know I can do well in dental school, I jusdt do not look good on papaer, becuase of my undergradaute gpa. Id love to chat, so email me or talk to me on aim i am esujarrad on there
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