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Jun 5, 2002
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i'm frm Singapore.
I want to study med but i didn't got to a college after high school. i'm currently pursuing a diploma in nursing. Is there anyway i can study med after my diploma in nursing here?


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May 22, 2001
detroit, mi
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Yes, its possible. You need to take the MCAT, pre-medical requirements, and most medical schools want a bachelors degree.

Since you already have completed your diploma degree in nursing, you can either go part-time or full-time to fulfill the needed coursework.


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May 24, 2002
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hey there
There are a few ARN's who are in my program(I'm in a BSN program) They are exempt from a few of the labs, but I think that is about it. They still had to take all the prereqs before they could start the program. We have 14 at my school(SUNY Buffalo) Off the top of my head they are anatomy, physiology 300, patho 412, microbio 301, psych.101, abnormal psych, Chem 1, psych stats, computer science, I know there a few more but I cannot think right now(Physiology and micro are known as the weed out courses)
I don't know of any med school that takes less than a BS, unless some extrodinary circumstance, but I have no idea what.
You will need to take the prereqs for med school, which are chem 1 and 2, organic chem 1 and 2, physics 1 and 2, and bio 200 and 201(the bios can vary a little bit) Don't forget labs
Your clinical experience will help you as far as experience goes, but nursing and premed are not easy together, and I can varify to that:)
Good luck
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