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May 8, 2012
This is probably the wrong forums, doesnt look like it's a help from doctors forum but more of a doctors chatting with each other but I can't seem to find any other forums.

My question is I went to my city's hospital (Santa Clara Valley Medical Center) in order to fix my insomia. I'm 20 years old and I dont have any medical insurance and i'm still living with parents. I was applying for medi-CAL in the mean time. So when I went to the doctors, he told me he couldn't prescribe me any pills or help me because he didn't know my medical history, then gave me a 2-3 minute lecture on essentially nothing but general information about sleeping patterns like "Not eatting before sleeping" etc.. and sent me out the door. Total of time spent with him was probably 4-5 minutes, with no help what so ever. Later on I found out the bill was $600+ dollars. I was qualified for medi-CAL but found out that it didn't cover the bill at all. something about share the cost medi-CAL. I don't understand how a 4-5 minute chat that didn't help at all could sum up to $600+ bill. that's amazing but nonetheless.

Now my question is there anything I could do to lower this bill? Some kind of government program or something??


John William Waterhouse
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Jan 9, 2006
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This is something to bring up with the billing department. SDN is for people who are, or would like to become, healthcare providers. It is not a forum to give advice to the general public.

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