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    So I'm caught in a dilemma.....
    DMU or LECOM. I'm still pending other acceptances (haven't found out yet, Brad).

    I have my reasons for both, but I'd like to hear what students from both have to say about the schools I just listed. I'm not looking for facts, websites, or anything else - I've seen 'em all. I just want to know what the students and alumni think, good or bad, about these two schools. Mind you, I'm only limited to these two right now, so I'm only interested in these two. While your school might be good (and I'm sure it is), it's irrelevant to me right now.

    Let me know what you guys think. I'm making a decision soon (hefty down payments), and just want to know if there's anything I'm overlooking.

    Thanks in advance. I'm just looking for some student input, so if anyone thinks that I'm asking a dumb question, just email me rather than start a war that will null this topic.

    [email protected]
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