HES Fully Online as Active Duty

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Feb 22, 2022
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Hello everyone. I've searched so many threads but can't find an answer. I understand that HES offers fully online courses, but every thread I read are from students in the Boston area and taking classes on the side. I am active-duty military and I am trying to be proactive and complete my postbacc courses before getting out. For reference, I have a 2.97 from my undergrad (top tier school) but have a 4.0 in 21 nursing pre req credits and a 4.0 in my graduate degree (non-health related). My questions are:

1) Will all courses, professors, and sponsorship work with my situation or will in-person students be more favored?

2) Is this program actually feasible to complete online? I'm able to put in the work required of me, but will I be able to complete labs and course requirements while being remote? Again, I only ask because many people state they live in the Boston area and that's just not feasible for me.

3) Should I wait until I leave the service (Fall of 2023) to attend career changer postbacc programs? I don't mind doing this, I just don't want to wait so long when I have the time to work toward it now.

Thank you all for your help.

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I believe that you are the only one who can answer this question but I am more than willing to help offer my advice for some guidance. Here are a couple of questions that I have in order to address your question as best I can:

1.) What is your MOS?
2.) What does your training schedule look like?
3.) Have you done science courses online before?
4.) Have you received the verbal or written consent and/or support from your Chain of Command in regards to attending college while you are serving?