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May 9, 2010
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Hello all! I was looking for feedback regarding my admission chances for the current application cycle... here are my stats:

cGPA: 3.35
sGPA: 3.55
note: I am a 'nontraditional' (returning) student with a STRONG upward trend. My GPA would be 4.0, but for the fact that when I initially went to college I flunked two semesters. I have a good story for this - and all my grades since that incident have been A's.
MCAT: 30 (BS9, PS10, VR11)

research - a year of using mass spectrometry to characterize the disease phenotype of age-related macular degeneration, + characterizing the 'unfoldome' of human brain tissue... also, beginning a paid summer internship at the NIH core genotyping facility.
clinical - EMT certification program, where I served as an EMT on various ambulance calls. 2+ years as a personal trainer (I'm construing this as "clinical" as it involved a lot of post-injury 'therapeutic' training...).
other - 2+ years employed at schools math & science center tutoring chemistry+remedial math. First student candidate for their master-level tutor certification, helped establish their tutor training program, etc... TA for statistics course, employed by the center for academic success as a "guided-study-session leader" for biochemistry and other science courses. Some club involvement and other volunteering.

I plan on applying early and broady - my primary application should be submitted in early June.

I'm a Maryland resident. I'd really appreciate any feedback you have to offer me. Thanks!
Sep 4, 2006
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Your teaching looks pretty strong and includes a leadership component, which is great. A year of research with more to come is fine. An EMT certificate without having used it for a volunteer or paid gig doesn't help much, but it's interesting. Taking care of people post-injury gives you some clinical patient experience, but what have you done to acquire clinical environment experience (clinic, hospital, nursing home, hospice)? And what is your exposure to medically ill peopel? I'm not seeing any physician shadowing; did you fail to include this?

I'd also like to see more detail about your community service, as this will be key to your application success, being an unspoken "requirement" for most med schools.

AMCAS data accumulated over the last three years for those with similiar application stats tell us you have a 46.2% chance of an acceptance somewhere: http://www.aamc.org/data/facts/applicantmatriculant/table24-mcatgpa-grid-3yrs-app-accpt.htm

I think that being of nontraditional age increases that chance, as would steep upward grade trend, and having the failed semesters being during freshman year. Lack of shadowing (easy to fix quickly) and a decent amount of community service over a period of time would decrease the chances. I've seen people get dinged for having no clinical environment experience, so that would be important to fix, if applicable.
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