Jan 20, 2020
  1. Medical Student
Hey there ya'll. I am a 1st year medical student, finally making a post after lurking on SDN for years now.

I scored a 518 when I took the MCAT. My family friends are currently premedical students preparing for the MCAT, and I shared a resource that they found useful. They recommended I share here on SDN, so here I am. For my high-yield content review, I used the YouTube channel Premed Science Academy.

The instructor (who had a brain tumor, recovered, and is now a doctor) presents the most important concepts in each of the MCAT science sections. I liked it more than Khan's or Chad's, because the Premed Academy lectures assume you already have a basic working understanding of the concepts. I loved these lectures because they give you intuitive ways to think about problems and relate concepts together, which is what ultimately translates to points on the MCAT. Here's an example video, which I watched a few times while preparing for the MCAT:

Anyways, I hope this helps ya'll who are studying for the MCAT. I know it's a lot of studying and a lot of stress, but as someone who's now on the other side, I will say that the lost sleep and caffeine induced elevated heart contractility (you'll learn about this in 1st year of med school) was all worth it. Good luck ya'll!
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Dec 10, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
He's Great! I stumbled upon him a couple of months ago while struggling with genetics. Thanks for confirming his greatness. Were there any other resources that assisted you?

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