High yield topics for Step 2


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Feb 21, 2004

After doing some practice questions, I have been noticing that there are certain high yield topics that keep reappearing. For example, incontinence, anything OB-gyn....but maybe it's because I really need to review these areas. That may be so, but the Boards seem to really favor some topics over others. Would anyone be interested in posting some high-yield topics they have felt that the Boards emphasized, as you were studying for Boards....

Some things that seem to be important to me:

Pediatric orthopedics
Substance abuse
Breast cancer (mass < 40, bloody nipple discharge, etc...)
Preventive health
Congenital HD
CV physical findings

Anyhow, would be interested to know what you can add.....


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Oct 3, 2003
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USMLE or COMLEX step II. For COMLEX step II check out the thread I started in January. All the high yeild topics are laid out there.

For the USMLE II, which I haven't taken yet, the subject matter seems to be much more straight forward. With what little motivation I have left to muster I'm using Crush step II, Advanced life support for the USMLE II (covers the ultra high yeild stuff), and a bunch o' question books.
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