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Aug 25, 2015
FINDINGS: Osseous structures and articular surfaces: The alignment of the hip joint is intact. There is no evidence of avascular necrosis involving the femoral head. Suggestion of small focus of costochondral separation of the posterior superior acetabulum, best seen on image 16 series 5. No chondral or osteochondral loose body is seen in the hip joint. No bone contusion or cortical fracture seen. No bone marrow infiltrative pathology is seen. The alpha angle, as measured on image 16 of series 700 measures approximately 60 degrees. Adjacent soft tissues: No appreciable soft tissue mass surrounding the hip joint is seen. No iliopsoas, trochanteric, or ischial trochanteric bursitis is seen. No gluteus minimus tendinitis seen. No acute or subacute muscle strain is seen surrounding the hip joint. Mild increased T2 signal is seen at the origin of the rectus femoris muscle.

IMPRESSION: 1. Mild increased alpha angle without evidence of a displaced labral tear of unclear significance. 2. Mild increased signal at the origin of the rectus femoris muscle which may represent a component of tendinopathy.
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I have this funny feeling that we're going to get more and more of these since patients are getting access to full reports nowadays.
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