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Aug 23, 2012
Took Step III recently and the MCQ portion was alright - I'm sure I missed a lot of questions but pretty confident I passed - but I am starting to freak out about the CCS portion. There was at least one case where I thought the patient had appendicitis; eventually figured out it was TOA and put in a consult to OB/GYN for laparoscopy and the case ended. I had forgotten to screen for GC/CT and put them in at the end but didn't have time to start abx, type and screen, etc. There was one case where the patient had CHF and I gave him lasix for 3 days and he never got better (or worse). Another patient who had some kind of renal failure who only got marginally better with fluid and watching UOP. I missed a lot of other random garbage but it has been a couple days now and I can't stop thinking about stuff I think I screwed up.

Any lurkers out there who passed after making similar mistakes? I just want to be able to sleep for the next month. Like I said, I think I did ok on the MCQ but hoping I didn't screw up CCS so bad to fail the whole thing.