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Jul 31, 2003
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What does it take to match at Hopkins?

I was looking at their website today and it seems to have a lot of aspects that are congruent with my interests. I wont be applying for another year (I'm an MS-3, and will be on leave of absence doing research next yr), but I just want to get an idea.


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Not too much. I'd say slightly above average scores and a medical school with a good reputation (Einstein in my case). It's a top notch program.... but they usually have to go pretty far down on the rank list because of Baltimore. The program director is a nice guy and very honest.... You shouldn't have a hard time telling if they are interested. Email/PM me for more details. I matched at Penn, but Hopkins was a very close second choice.

I'd take that letter out of the forum...PD might not be happy to have something essentially violating NRMP rules in a public place.

JMHO though.

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Thanks, Sean.... You're right. Letter deleted.
All of the top programs want to train residents who will be future leaders in the field. Leadership comes in many forms. Anything you can do to separate yourself is a plus, leadership, research, a desire to teach, etc. I don't think you have to have one of these things, but it helps if you do.
All programs want to have residents who really want to be at their program. I think showing a lot of enthusiasm will only help you. For example, when you interview you should know a lot about the program, why it is a good fit for you, and communicate that well at the interview.
Thanks so much for the helpful and encouraging replies, Bass and gaslady. Bass, are you at Hopkins for gas?

Hopkins was a very close second choice for me.... I'll be at Penn next year. I gave Hopkins some serious consideration, so let me know if there's anything I can help with. Feel free to email/PM me.