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Nov 9, 2006
  1. Medical Student
    I can only speak to the hours at Wake Forest, but here is the general scenario...

    Gyn/Gyn Onc- these are at North Carolina Baptist Hospital, the interns and 2nd years are on a q4 call schedule, the upper levels are a little better. All call from Baptist is home call. From what I hear there are nights where the intern or second year that is on call for the night only answers a few questions or enters a few orders from home and there are nights where they spend the entire night at the hospital. Regardless of what kind of night you have, there are no post call days.

    OB- this is held at Forsyth Hospital which is about 3 miles from Baptist. OB runs on the night float during the week so most residents are in by 6 and out by 6. On the weekend there is rotating call with off days after a 24 hour shift.

    In general, I think the residents work very hard but I do not think they are unhappy (unless it is one of those nights where you get an ectopic that has to go to the OR, followed by an admission for PID, followed by a critically ill Onc patient :( ) If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask.
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