Housing for USyd Med Students

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Where do you all live? What are the cheapest options? Which is the location to appartment hunt in? What did you wish you know before you started looking at places? Please help a girl out!

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My friend's sister is currently in her last year at Usyd and this is what she told me:
Generally its cheaper the more west you go. Check out terrace houses- some of my friends still live there cause they’re at the local clin school - it’s cheaper than the uni village. I tried to apply but got full too fast. I ended up living at sydney uni village in my first year. It didn’t include food (unlike other official usyd residences) so it was “cheaper” like $303/week and it was really close, close to libraries and new town which is sorta a nice place for food and entertainment. Had only 50Gb internet though so that was **** but phone plans are great here so u can jus get a good plan and hotspot if need be
I applied to the terrace houses a month ago, I haven't heard back from them and I'm not sure whats happening honestly. I might just apply to sydney uni village now as a backup. If I don't get residence then I'm just going to find an airbnb to stay at when I land and then look at other housing options when I'm there