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Discussion in 'Australasia and Oceania' started by dasha55, Dec 2, 2005.

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    Medical Student
    Can someone (from Auckland) list the city regions, that are not too far from the Auckland's Uni.

    Is it hard to find a decent place in Auckalnd in the range of $80-130 NZD ?

    What are the best places to look (nzflatmates, newspaper)?

    How much time should I allocate to finding a place; would arriving 2 weeks prior to orientation session be enough?

    How is it living in Grafton Hall of R, International house, O'Rorke and Railway Campus? Which might be better for a newcomer (I am comming from Canada; I was admitted to Year 2 of Medical Programme at Auckland Uni).

    Thanks for the feedback,in advance.
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    Lots of med students live in Grafton, so I hear. I think it's really close to the med campus? Living in a hall would be good for you imo.

    decent auckland place for $90-130.. aha.....hahaaa
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    1. City, Grafton, Eden Terrace, South Epsom (mid-high $)
    Parnell, Newmarket, Epsom, Remuera, Mt Eden (high $+++)
    All of these areas are very fashionable places to live with the best schools, hence $$$+++. Most expensive areas in Auckland.

    2. $80-130: Almost impossible in the above areas mentioned.

    3 & 4. Pass. I live with my parents for the same reason.

    5. Grafton - closest to med school, people can eat the lunch they pay for, the hostel is old.
    International house - dunno.
    O'Rorke - very social (so they say), close to city, rooms are very small.
    Railway - most expensive and distant from med school.

    Also note that University owns flats around Grafton so would be good idea to check them out. Park Road flats, The Royal and Parnell flats would be the closest. Whittaker Place is also good, midway between City and Grafton. Rooms are a lot bigger than hostel.

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