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    Hello Current COMP Students,

    I am strongly considering attending COMP in the Fall (Aug. 2006). I know they might have space available in the Helix (new on campus building). It seems pretty cool to be able to live so close to campus. I'm afraid they probably will be filled up by now. Do you guys have any suggestions/ideas about where students should live while at COMP? Are Montclair and Claremont good places? I'm not familiar with the area. Would you recommend living in Pomona? I will appreciate any insights you may have. Thank you!
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    Helix is looking good but it's really nice to get away from campus after studying all day. Claremont and Montclair are nice cities. Chino Hills is a very nice area and it's about 10-15 minutes to school (with streets). I don't recommend living in Pomona although many students do and seem okay with it. There are some shady people usually in the Pomona apartments as it's not the safest of areas. PM me if you have any specific questions. I drove around one day with a list of apartments and found one I liked. This will work well if you have time. See you in August.
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