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How accurate is the AAMC website?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by peetie, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. peetie

    peetie Member
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    Aug 15, 2004
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    Check out this site. It lists all the school's grading styles (p/f, a/b/c/d/f, etc.).

    I swear it's not accurate, but maybe I'm the one on crack. I thought Yale had NO grades, and the site claims there are. I could've sworn the U of Utah graded, and the site says it's p/f. Anyone else see issues with it? Is it old? Am I the one who is messed up?
  2. amandil

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    Aug 23, 2005
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    I have the same question...

    UMich and AAMC agree that M1/M2 are P/F, but UMich says M3/M4 are H/HP/P/F while AAMC says they are ABCDE

    WashU - StL and AAMC agree that M1 is P/F, but WUSTL says M2 is not P/F while AAMC says it is still P/F

    The UMich info is from the handout they emailed everyone and the WUSTL info is from current M2 students I spoke with at my interview day. So I guess AAMC is just not reliable?

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