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Is an admissions consultant for you? How will they help? And most importantly, is it WORTH it?

Medical school applicants face grueling competition and an unfamiliar, arduous journey to acceptance. Let me show you how we can ease the way.

As a medical applicant, you are embarking on a journey different from the one you traveled oh so many years ago as a college applicant. You also face intense competition, and you may have a flaw or two to deal with in your profile.

You need to apply to programs where you are competitive and that meet your educational, personal, and financial needs. Hint: Scholarships or at least in-state tuition would be great!

Plus you’re so busy! And stressed. School, work, volunteering, just living! They take all your time and more.

You also may fear that you just can’t get in because less than 50% of med school applicants started at a U.S. allopathic medical school last year, and less than 40% of osteopathic applicants started at a U.S. osteopathic medical school. Several medical schools frequently have rejection rates of over 90%. Those numbers are scary!

And you don’t want to allow a bad freshman year, a mediocre MCAT, or the acceptance stats I just cited to prevent you from attending the programs that will prepare you for your dream career.

I get it. It’s rough being a med school applicant. The med school admissions consultants at Accepted know because we’ve sat on medical school admissions committees and/or guided med school applicants to acceptance for over 20 years. Many of us have experience both as application readers and admissions directors as well as admissions consultants.

We’ve also been zealous to maintain, expand, and share that insight. I personally have interviewed for Admissions Straight Talk, Accepted’s podcast, medical school admissions directors, professors, and deans from programs like Harvard Medical, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Yale, Case Western, Baylor, UCI, and many others.

I’d like to help you too get into medical school. So here’s an Action Plan to help you earn a spot:

1. Engage an Accepted med school admissions consultant as your guide on this journey– to help you mitigate weaknesses, choose schools, advise you on essay content, apply a seasoned and objective eye to essay drafts, prep you for interviews, and guide you through every step of the med school application process.​
2. Apply confidently and efficiently so that you don’t spin your wheels applying to the wrong schools or applying to the right ones ineffectively. Either error leads to rejection and necessitates the pain, time, and expense of reapplication.​
3. Get accepted and start med school next summer.​

If you’re concerned about the expense, keep in mind that the expense of rejection far exceeds Accepted’s fees. In fact, our CMO was at a dinner recently at a friend’s house. The friend had also invited other guests whom our CMO didn’t know. In the course of the conversation it came out that one of the guests had used Accepted’s services and was quite happy with them. He felt that the money he spent on Accepted was one of the best investments he ever made. He spent roughly $2,000 and got a PA salary a year earlier than if he hadn’t used Accepted. He felt he made around $90,000 because he accessed Accepted’s expertise.

And you don’t have to spend $2,000. With Accepted you can purchase a little or a lot and work with us on a flat-fee or hourly fee basis. You’re in control and can choose the service that best fits your needs.

I’ve been touting our expertise and service, but let’s hear from another client or two about their experience working with Accepted:

“I feel very lucky to be able to work with Dr. Gordon during last application cycle. Besides helping me come up with a school list and a well-polished primary, Dr. Gordon has been very responsible in editing my secondaries and preparing me for my interviews. His words really calmed me down and helped me through different types of interviews. Overall, I recommend Dr. Gordon with great enthusiasm as I wouldn’t be where I am now without his help.” – Accepted to Northwestern, Emory, University of Michigan, and UCLA.
“Thank you so much (Cydney) for working with me last summer., I ended up being really happy with the end result and I don’t think I would be at the same place today without your help. So out of 20 secondaries, I received 18 interviews, I went to 11, accepted to 5, waitlisted to 4, and rejected post-interview to 2.”

For more client feedback, click here.

To access the same expertise these medical school applicants did, here’s what you should do:

1. Visit and learn about the many ways we can help you. That’s 100% free.​
2. Secure for yourself the insight and support these clients enjoyed as they successfully applied to med school.​
3. Apply with confidence that you are giving this very important next step in your career your best shot.​
4. Pursue the career of your dreams.​

Experience the life-changing guidance an Accepted med school admissions consultant provides. Have a supportive expert at your side every step of the grueling med school application journey. Go from anxiety and stress to confidence and efficiency. Choose from our catalog of Medical School Admissions Services and get Accepted.

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