1. M

    Program Specific Questions

    If one wants to get into an Endo or Heme-Onc fellowship and wants to have some clinical research done...? The facilities are allegedly in the top 5 in the US, and it's near Boston, and it is affiliated with UMass...anyone really wanting to train there? Thanks for the input. (This post is not for...
  2. Dr. Spoodermen ND

    How would medical school competition change down the road?

    From speaking with physicians who went to school 10-20 years ago, some MS3-4s/residents I know, and looking (well, hearing about) at MSAR trends, it seems med school admissions has gotten a lot more competitive over time. This is purely anecdotal though, and I have no data to support it. Just a...
  3. Piglet2020

    MD Help me choose - M1 Considering Multiple Specialties to Explore

    Hello, I’m an incoming M1. I haven’t decided which residency to pursue as I want to explore what’s out there. More about myself: F in early 20s, quiet & introverted, don’t mind seeing blood but prefer less surgery-heavy specialties I’m aiming for a less competitive to mod competitive specialty...
  4. F

    Feeling isolated and stressed in Dental school. Advice?

    Hey everyone, I'm a D2 student, and I'm wondering if any of you have advice/similar experiences. Basically I find the people in my class to be competitive and not very understanding of each other's struggles with mental health. For example, I confided in a classmate that I used to speak to...
  5. D


  6. LindaAccepted

    Medical How an Accepted Med School Admissions Consultant Can Help You

    Is an admissions consultant for you? How will they help? And most importantly, is it WORTH it? Medical school applicants face grueling competition and an unfamiliar, arduous journey to acceptance. Let me show you how we can ease the way. As a medical applicant, you are embarking on a journey...
  7. perdvert

    Somebody you know try to figure out your SDN username?

    I'm so annoyed that this happened to me because I like my old account and literally had to make a new one today because enough was enough... So one of my friends that knew I used SDN is actively trying to figure out which username is mine (i.e. reading through people's post histories if I...
  8. NIBC2017

    World's Largest National Investment Banking Competition: OPEN

    Hi folks, My name is Simon and my team is hosting the 2017 National Investment Banking Competition in Toronto, the largest investment banking competition globally for undergraduate and graduate students. Founded in 2007, NIBC attracts competitors from over 100 universities to compete for a...
  9. D

    New Surgery categorical intern, could I lose my job to a prelim?

    I'll be starting my intern year in general surgery next week... What would stop my program from not signing me to a PGY2 contract and taking one of the undesignated prelims from my program instead (if they liked one of them better)? Am I still competing for a job? Thanks.
  10. eoSurgical

    eoSurgical - 2017 Student Essay Competition

    The eoSurgical 2017 Student Essay Competition is now open medical students worldwide. Title: 'How will the 'internet of things' impact delivery and training of surgery? Are we heading for a global surgical reticulum?’ Prizes: 1st: eoStudent Sim take-home laparoscopic surgical simulator (RRP...
  11. RobotDoc

    Surgical specialities in Sweden competition?

    Hi I'm wondering how the outlook for a vascular surgery or orthopedic surgery ST spot be like in rural locations in Sweden and in Sweden in general?
  12. A

    UCB vs UCSD premed

    I've read many, many posts across the internet comparing the two, but I wanted to hear more recent opinions. I've been accepted into both as a Psych major. How is competition at the two schools? Some say UCSD's more chill, others say it's more cutthroat, surprisingly. What are recommended...
  13. davethebarbarian

    How competitive are REU, SURFs, SROP?

    I've been getting rejected at multiple summer REU programs at the moment, what is the typical GPA usually to be competitive for one of these programs? I'm currently a freshman with a 3.66 GPA (hopefully 3.75-3.8 after this semester), and currently doing research at a neuroscience lab doing a...
  14. HereWeGo21

    3rd year competition

    Has anyone dealt with competition against other students in 3rd year? I'm definitely detecting some. For one, this one girl always stays late, like two hours past when her shift ends. Like, I've heard about "arriving early and staying late", but I'm not sure if she's in the right here. Sure, if...
  15. RobotDoc

    Residency in Germany from 2016-

    I started this thread so we can share new info available regarding residency in Germany. 1) My question is what is the competition like for surgical residency in Germany I understand it depends on the individuals CV and their German language level. Can someone shed more light on this?
  16. eoSurgical

    eoSurgical Essay Competition: "How immersive will surgical simulation become in the 21st century?"

    eoSurgical essay competition 2016: now open to Medical Students globally. Title: "How immersive will surgical simulation become in the 21st century?" Prizes: 1st: eoStudent Sim take-home minimally invasive surgical simulator (worth £249), PLUS the opportunity to present your essay at the...