1. A

    Consequences with AMCAS for violating an AACOMAS acceptance

    I was just accepted to a DO school, but I am waiting to hear back from 20 other MD schools. The acceptance requires that I send a deposit and sign an agreement to attend within a few days. If I accept this agreement, but get accepted to an MD school and say yes to that one too, what will...
  2. jacob42

    Should I be worried?

    I've applied to 24 medical schools this cycle from a broad list. Using MCAT of 518, I applied to 25% of schools at <25th percentile, 50% between 25th and 75th, and 25% at >75th. So far, I've gotten 0 IIs, 0 A, and so far 6 pre-II rejections. Here is my list: R Boston University Aram V...
  3. DocSherman

    How does one turn a II into a slam-dunk A and avoid WL?

    Hello! I consider this a companion piece to the thread discussing post-II Rs. To preface, I was fortunate enough to get an II, despite my very choppy record (@Goro knows a lot about it). With that said though, I would like to avoid a fate that happened to me in a previous cycle – the dreaded...
  4. SicilianDragon

    MD Acceptance with LM 57

    I'm finally able to share my story with a happy ending. Four application cycles, 3 MCATs, 50+ medical schools, thousands of dollars on secondaries, tons of rejections, and countless tears/mental breakdowns later, I can finally say that I have been accepted into my dream school (a US MD program)...
  5. HappyPerson

    Touro Montana Acceptance

    1.) can residency be done in any state after graduating medical school? 2.) is there an issue with being the first inaugural class for a medical school? Will there be an issue with accreditation in the future? 3.) is there anything I should be know before attending Touro? I’m incredible happy...
  6. C

    Samuel Merritt DPT 2022-2023

    Hi! I just wanted to start a thread for those who have applied to Samuel Merritt’s DPT program this cycle. Samuel Merritt’s website said we should be hearing back in December. We can exchange info on if anyone has heard back or their number on the waitlist. Good luck to everyone!
  7. W

    Accepted but want to defer the entrance. If I receive another acceptance from a waiting list later, can I still switch?

    I have an acceptance from a decent DO school, whose orientation is early June. Meanwhile, I am on the waiting list of another 2 MD schools which I want to wait for. I currently work on a research project which I feel is difficult to find the correct successor within 1 month before DO...
  8. C

    Pacific University DPT waitlist 2022

    Hi everyone, I interviewed with Pacific University (Oregon) about a month ago and was recently told I’m on the 1st tier waitlist. I am wondering if anyone knows how the tiers work (how many people are in the tiers etc). Also, does anyone know when the deposit is due for accepted students?
  9. C

    UNCO Biomedical program

    Hello! Is there anyone who is currently in the UNCO Biomedical program who is willing to inform me on the admissions process, curriculum, and their opinion. Trying to get into dental school, but it is not as easy with low stats.
  10. C

    Meharry MHS ( dental)

    Hello! Is there anyone who is currently in the Meharry MHS program who is willing to inform me on the admissions process, and requirements? I have applied to the dental school, but due to my low stats I want to look into applying to the MHS program. Would anyone be able to help me with what to...
  11. D

    UMN (IS) vs. Iowa (OOS) vs. Michigan (OOS) vs. ASDOH

    I was accepted into the University of MN, Michigan, Iowa, and ASDOH on Dec 1 (yesterday), and I am struggling to decide between schools. Two important factors that I am considering is the cost between the schools and the pass rates of INBDE/NBDE. Does anyone know where I could find those rates...
  12. crmdpt

    NAU DPT Cycle 2021-2022

    Anyone else interview with NAU? If so, any idea on when we are supposed to hear back?
  13. bubble21

    Possibly dumb question about deposit

    Really sorry if this is a an obvious question but: Recently, I was lucky to get an acceptance at a DO school. I am incredibly grateful for this of course, but there is still a good portion of time left in the cycle, and there are a few schools I am still holding out for. The acceptance requires...
  14. T

    Dean's Certification Post Acceptance?

    Which medical schools require a Dean's certification after acceptance? I do not see a definite list around. I would like to have them ready after acceptance as my school is really slow in processing these forms after COIVD. Thank you!
  15. J

    Applying Optometry School with these stats?

    I had made a previous post about an upcoming OAT and here's how I did: QR 390 RC 350 Bio 340 GenChem 340 OChem 340 Physics 350 TS 350 AA 350 I'm pretty happy with the scores - i've never had more anxiety from an exam and i'm relieved it's over. I'm applying this upcoming cycle and would...
  16. synapsis123

    Deferring an acceptance?

    If your school allowed you to defer acceptance for a year, no questions asked, would you? I ask this because after a stressful year, application cycle, and gap year job, I'm feeling burnt out. I 100% want to be a doctor, but I am also interested in pursuing other interests and traveling for...
  17. A

    Early Commitment - Scholarship Impact

    Would notifying the admissions team that you plan to enroll in that medical school impact scholarships? Specifically, if this communication took place before financial aid information was distributed, would the medical school reduce the scholarship amount (since they don't have to compete with...
  18. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTD Acceptances- Need Advice!

    Hi everyone! I currently am deciding between University of Pittsburgh, Thomas Jefferson, and Boston University. Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to visit. I love BU on paper, but I'm not sure how I will handle Boston winters along with the steep tuition cost. TJU I like the location...
  19. P

    Should I be communicating with schools?

    Do the majority of successful applicants send letters of interest, updates, call the admissions office of the schools they are interested in/waitlisted at? I have not done any of that this cycle and have seen many people on SDN regularly emailing/calling admissions and staying in close...
  20. P

    UCSF (IS) vs. OHSU (OOS)

    Hi SDN! Had pre-Dec interviews for 5 schools and got accepted to 4! I withdrew my acceptance to Touro and USC is too expensive to be an appealing choice so I'm now between UCSF and OHSU. I don't really have financial support from family, so I plan on paying for school through loans and any aid...
  21. B

    BU vs. UB (IS) vs. Rutgers (OOS) vs. Temple (OOS)

    Hi everyone — I need some guidance in deciding what school to attend next year. I loved BU the most out of my interviews, but have read quite a few negative things about the school on SDN. Any BU students have feedback on this? In terms of financials, I would get in-state for Rutgers after the...
  22. O

    Will my acceptance be rescinded for Bs?

    I've been struggling with personal life and I currently have 5 acceptances but they're to MD schools and they all say I need to maintain academic standard. My stats are uGPA: 3.0 with strong upward trend (~3.8 last two years) Neuro masters: 4.0 If I get two Bs it will be my first semester and...
  23. T

    My acceptance rescinded?

  24. L

    Graduating in 5 years

    Hi everyone, Do medical schools see it as something negative if I graduate in my undergrad institution in 5 years as opposed to 4 due to taking lighter classes per semester intentionally? Edit: This is my first time using SDN. So glad to join this community!
  25. DoctorBambi

    Poll: Where do you stand?

    Hey all, thought this might be an interesting poll to gage where people are at right now. Also kept it anon in hopes that more people will engage! Mods-My apologies if this is in the wrong place.
  26. O

    SCCO vs. UC Berkeley

    Hi everyone, I just got into both SCCO and UC Berkeley for the class of 2024 :) But I am very torn between the two so any insight would be extremely helpful! SCCO Pros: - can save money on commuting; college is only 15 min away and clinic is even closer at 8 min away - great city/feel...
  27. B

    AAMC Preliminary background check. Does this make sense to you?

    Hello all, Question for you - I recently received my first acceptance (yay!) however I have come across some seemingly conflicting information in the 2020 AMCAS guide regarding preliminary background checks. I'm wondering if you all know if the preliminary report (which I participated in this...
  28. B

    Accept now, decline later? (Post-bac programs)

    I tried to find a thread similar to this, but I couldn't, so I will ask here: So, most post-bac programs I have applied to (total: 6) wont sent out interview invites until next year. However, I just completed an interview (let's call it school A) and will hear back in the next few weeks and...
  29. H

    Whats the Best Site/PDF for Medical School Admissions Demographics?

    Hey Everyone, Whats the Best Site/PDF for Medical School Admissions Demographics? I know there are stats for MCAT and GPA but is there anything for age, ethnicity, sex yatta yatta...? I would really appreciate it. Plus if anyone has a pdf I would love if you could email me it at...
  30. Punished Angeleno

    *** The Official USC School of Dentistry Class of 2024 Interview/Acceptance Thread ***

    Last year's thread: *** The Official USC School of Dentistry Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread *** Hey, everyone. You can post your questions and updates here. Class of 2022 Statistics overall GPA: 3.58 science GPA: 3.50 DAT (AA/TS/PAT): 20.3/20.1/20 Class Size: 144 Class of 2023...
  31. A

    Can Medical School Applicants Be Accepted After Agency In FBI?

    Howdy Doctors, Med Students, and undergrads! I'm currently entering my first year of Pre-Med down here in Texas and am curious about the application process for students interested in medical school, yet that are years removed from their undergraduate studies. I have a great interest in...
  32. B

    Overlap in AMCAS/AACOMAS Traffic Guidlines

    I’ve been accepted at a DO program since November but have interviewed at three allopathic programs as well. I’m currently waitlisted at all three schools, with two of them informing me that they expect to have a lot of waitlist movement around or after April 30th due to the AMCAS traffic...
  33. L

    Withdrawal Etiquette

    I know that if I have been offered an interview at another institution but have accepted a seat at another school, that I am supposed to get in touch with the school and withdraw my application ( which I have done). I was wondering what the etiquette was for schools who haven't sent me an...
  34. Biggytooth

    Do Schools Usually Formally Reject You or Leave You 'Under Review"

    Hey people, Do most dental programs formally reject people they aren't interested in? Or do the vast majority just leave you 'under review' until the cycle is over? Thanks
  35. L

    West Virginia University DPT Class of 2022

    Hey everyone! I have recently been accepted into and submitted my deposit for the DPT program at WVU. I just wanted to see if anyone else has been accepted and plans on attending. I would love to chat with some future classmates! Hope to hear back from you guys soon :)
  36. B

    USC vs. UCSF

    I would whole heartedly appreciate any input anyone has on which of these physical therapy programs I should attend. I was accepted to USC with a 10k scholarship but of course, UCSF cheaper still, but not by much since I am out of state. They differ in about 30k for me. Any input and explanation...
  37. B

    UCSF/SFSU 2019 DPT Decisions

    Has anyone heard back from UCSF?
  38. ComDest

    Dalhousie Faculty of Dentistry Interview/Acceptance: Class of 2023

    Hello everyone, As of January 24th, 2019 I got the mind-blowing offer to interview at the Dalhousie University, Faculty of Dentistry in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm scheduled to interview on the 11th of February. I'm super excited to go and see what Halifax has to offer. I am from the U.S., so...
  39. GirlsGoneGaga

    Open house for programs that do not interview

    I have been accepted into a DPT program that does not hold interviews; however, they do hold open houses monthly. I plan on attending a session to get a feel for the program before I make any decisions, but I was wondering if there were certain things I should look out for during the open house?
  40. T

    Error on Background Check

    I had to fill out a Certiphi background screening after acceptance and it came back as expected except it said I had an "alias" (it's my name but spelled incorrectly). There's no criminal history listed for it, so I'm guessing this isn't an issue, just wanted to see if anyone had experienced...