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How are my EC's so far?

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances?' started by Exalya, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Exalya

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    I've tried to do as many EC's as I can, but I don't feel like I have a whole lot. I'm unable to do much during the schoolyear, since I have to work quite a bit to get things paid. This is what I have so far, as a junior...

    4 years' work as a lab technician at a biology research facility
    80 hours volunteer experience in an ER
    Member of red cross disaster team (I haven't been called up before, but I have the training...)
    2 years volunteering with a local observatory
    2 summers spent teaching the marine summer science program for kids

    I'm planning on volunteering at a hospital over the summer, and maybe working with the nanotechnology research lab on campus (medical nanotech is my passion). I don't know if it counts, but I'm also getting my auctioneering license in June, with the hopes that if I can do enough business in the summer I won't have to work for my senior year. Will it be enough?
  2. J ROD

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    Aug 1, 2005
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    I think your hours are a little low in the ER.

    Plus, you need to have some shadowing in there too.

    Decent overall. Just try and to do some more. Also, explain that you have to work to support yourself.
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  3. Mobius1985

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    Apr 4, 2007
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    If you're planning to apply in June '09, then you won't have the summer volunteering listed on your application. I agree that having only 80 hours of clinical exposure isn't much. If at all possible, try to get some shadowing in over the winter and spring breaks, so you can add it. I'd strongly recommend you continue clinical volunteering on a regular basis over the next semester, like 3-4 hours/week so it will also be included on your primary application. If this is completely impossible for you, then do the summer volunteering and update schools about this activity when you complete it. Otherwise you have good extracurriculars, with leadership, altruistic activities, and a prolonged research experience. Having an auctioneering licence, if you use it, will be a unique experience. I'd definitely go for it.
  4. cavalier329

    May 31, 2008
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    you say 2 years for some of them, but how many hours per week?

    Will anyone here be able to give you an LOR?

    Have you really learned anything either about the field or yourself from these experiences?

    Your list can go on and on but if you just stand in the ED like a mope and no one knows who you are and you don't do anything, then what do you really have to show for your EC's?

    Im not an authority, but I like to think my ECs are pretty decent. I don't have a long list of activities, but for each of my activities I can get at least one outstanding LOR and I have put in at least 12 hours a week when Im doing them (some I can only do when I am home).

    From what my prehealth advisor said, your ECs matter only when you can have a really in depth conversation about them and show you learned something about yourself and whatever you were doing. And I think after looking at thousands of activities, the interviewers can see BS from a mile away.

    I am not saying this applies to you at all by any means, but I think you should use what I said and perhaps evaluate your own situation. If you feel that my advisor's advice is what you already are doing, then I think you are in good shape.

    As far as your hours are concerned, 80 hours in a VERY busy ED is a lot of experience. What type of ED is it? If its not busy or if its a community hospital, chances are you havent seen much or learned very much. There is always MORE you can learn. I have spent 3000+ hours on an ambulance in a busy area and I have only see the very tip of the iceberg. I consider myself still a rookie as far as prehospital care is concerned after 7 years.

    Just a few of my thoughts about ECs. Good luck to you! Remember: Quality NOT quantity.

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