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Sep 30, 2008
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The second program has more good matches but I guess since the first program is smaller and the second larger then there isn't a huge difference. Pick the program you would be happiest at.


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Oct 15, 2005
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the first program has a very good match.
1.) ASOPRS is very competitive (even though its WV)
2.) UCLA is a very good and competitive retina program and Cincinnati is under-rated
3.) Cornea at UCI is very good given that its under Steinert. Deen McGee at oklahoma is also very good.
4.) the peds and uveitis arent very impressive

for the 2nd program
2013: Dont know much about medical retina. Cinn see above.
2012: Indiana peds is top notch, Mt. Sinai cornea is bad, NYEEI glaucoma is average
2011: Duke peds is good (I only assume because its Duke), UCSD has a very good but not top notch cornea program, dont know much about neuro, dont know about Toronto plastics
2010: Tufts glaucoma is nothing special, LSU and Associates in Ophthalmology Pittsburgh are average, Cleveland Clinic plastics is probably pretty good but Im not familar with plastics too much
2009: 1 uveitis-medical retina (Casey), 1 glaucoma (NYEEI), 2 cornea (Eye Consults of Atlanta, Tufts) - not bad but not great
2008: 2 cornea (Wilmer, Wilmer)->they take alot of fellows, limited surgical experience as cornea fellow, 1 peds (Children NMC DC), 2 retina (Retina Consultants Albany, Retina+Vitreous Group of Southern Oregon)-> never heard of them

for me, 1st program is better