Medical How can I raise my chances of acceptance to an MD school after rough start to college?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I'm in my (kind of) first year undergrad. Some brief background info: I first went to a regional location for a university (so not the actual university). At this time a family emergency happened and home life was upset and I started failing classes (2 F's) and so I dropped my classes the next semester and took some time off (roughly 2 semesters). I came back to school, but I transferred to a local community college because of the family situation going on it was easier to not travel 40 minutes to and from (the new community college is 5 minutes away).

I know this is already going to work against me between the F's, the gap year and transferring to a community college. So my question is: how can I try to redeem myself or maybe compensate for this? Like should I do more or less of something to make up for it? I'm hoping this isn't going to end my chances.
Well, any academic progress with solid performance (3.7+) might give you a good chance. You do need some shadowing experience to be sure medicine is really what you want as opposed to other health care careers.
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