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Discussion in 'Radiology' started by lookleft, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I recently got my step 1 scores. My stats are 213, top 15% at an average medical school. Assuming I do well in my third year and get strong LOR, do I still have a decent shot at Rad. I know my board scores are pretty low for Rads, but can my class ranking make up for it. Its a little frustrating to work my ass off the last two years to get a good ranking and then have one test possibly wash away all that hard work away. Any feedback would be appreicated
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    There are several posts similar to yours, plus a very informative post (FAQ i believe) in the Radiology section of SDN.

    Nothing is guaranteed for matching into any specialty with regards to Step 1 scores, but my dean told me that a step 1 score 1 s.d. above the mean (i believe that's a 237) would be competitive for radiology.

    My advice would be to obviously do well in clerkships, get strong letters, and consider doing research/finding contacts in radiology at your school.
    Also prepare for Step 2 and plan to take it early and do well.
    A meeting with your dean or program director at your med school might be helpful as well (maybe after you do a couple of clerkships, to show that you have a strong clinical knowledge base). But concentrate first on doing well in your clerkships, and keep an open mind about all specialties.


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