Pharmacy How difficult is pebc exam for Indian pharm d graduate?

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Feb 21, 2002
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I'm pursuing my pharm d 5th year .. what are the subjects should I prepare for pebc exam..what are the suggestions you can give about preparing for pebc
English or French edition? If the English, this is a reminder that you must pass the language one prior to PQE. If your are marginal in the language, I urge you to brush that up as poor reactions during the OSCE practical side will be an automatic failure. For the MCQ portion, the classics of Med and Analytical Chem, Pharmacology, and Pharmacotherapeutics are asked. You do need to be able to deal with SAR and some of the classical synthesis pathways (that you will never deal with again after graduation).

I did not take the French edition for Quebec, so that is a different process.
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