how do I access to list of unfilled positions(post match)?

Winged Scapula

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Apr 9, 2000
  1. Attending Physician
You'll have to convince someone to send it to you. If you aren't registered for the match, you won't get a copy.

Scutwork ( usually posts it within a couple of days (if they can get it from someone) but the list isn't made public record by NRMP during the scramble period.


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Feb 21, 2002
Since I matched, I don't have access to the unfilled programs: If someone out there can post the unfilled programs for IM in NJ/DC/PA area, I'll be interested in seeing it.

Also, my roommate is OB/GYN...could someone can post the unfilled programs in the DC area .

Good luck with scramble!
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